Temple-Inland this week contributed $125,000 to the City of Orange which was impacted by Hurricane Ike, one of the most devastating natural disasters in Orange County history. Many people were affected including many in the Temple-Inland family, their friends, neighbors, and local businesses with some losing almost everything. Donations were also made to Orange County, Bridge City and West Orange.

In addition, Temple-Inland provided the following support throughout the community:

1. Assisted with initial assessment of storm water pumping station, waste treatment plant
2. Installed generator at LCM Jr High Cafeteria
3. Provided backup generator for Emergency Operations Center
4. Meals and Lodging for DPS officers – during and after storm
5. Staged emergency equipment for the Orange Fire Department
6. Provided supplies to the Red Cross
7. The donation they gave after Rita paid for the generator at City Hall

Although this is quite a long list, it does not even begin to sum up the impact that these acts of Civic Heroism have had on the recovery of our community. It is an example, that we can all only hope, to live up to.

Here is a quote from the, General Manager of Temple-Inland’s Orange Mill:

“As Orange is home to one of Temple-Inland’s largest employee populations, we would like to support those in need,” said Tom. “We will continue to support the City of Orange and the surrounding area, our employees, and our neighbors in any way we can. We trust that this contribution will help in some way. We are very proud to be a part of Orange. We will survive and come back stronger!”
Tom Sweetser