After setting nearly record breaking registration numbers for the fall 2008 semester, Lamar State College-Orange suffered significant damage from Hurricane Ike during the weekend of Sept. 13. Seven of the eight buildings that make up the downtown campus received flooding from the storm’s surge. After the area was clear and safe to enter, campus leaders came in to assess the condition of the buildings and remediation crews began working diligently to remove damaged materials and equipment.

LSC-O anticipates resuming classes on Monday, Oct. 6. Because repair work will be ongoing, students can expect that some classes will be relocated to other spaces on campus, as well as some areas that have not been fully restored. However, all areas will be secure and safe for use. Students should note that the prolonged closure will necessitate extending the fall semester into Jan. 2009. The revised calendar will have classes meeting through Dec. 19. The college will close for Christmas break and resume classes on Jan. 5. The fall semester will end on Jan. 16, 2009, allowing graduating students the chance to complete their coursework and receive their certificate and/or degree.

LSC-O faculty and staff should report to campus on Monday, Sept. 29, at 10:00 a.m. for a short meeting to get an update on progress in coping with the storm. The meeting will take place in the atrium area of the Academic Center. Faculty and staff are expected to report for work on Tuesday, Sept. 30 to prepare for the resumption of classes on Oct. 6.

Although this natural disaster caused an unexpected pause in LSC-O’s school year, campus officials are confident that schedules will be adjusted accordingly. LSC-O greatly appreciates the cooperation and support from its employees and community members during this tough time.