The LCM Cheerleaders attended NCA Cheer Camp at Sam Houston State University this summer. They won numerous awards including the Herkie Team Award, Stunt-Smart Award, and Superior Ribbons for daily cheer evaluations, a bid to the NCA National Competition, and the coveted Spirit Stick to take home to LCM. The freshman squad won the Champion Chant Award for their division. All cheerleaders were nominated for All-American. All-American squad members are listed in bold. They are sponsored by Valrie Gilbeaux and Tana Thompson.

LCM Varsity Cheerleaders
Back Row (L to R):
Katelyn Pyle, Logann Mitchell, Tayler Thompson, Allison Floyd, Brooke Belcher.
Middle Row (L to R): Stormy Strickland, Lauren Jones, Marissa Forsyth, Katie Bloxom, Erica Trosclair.
Front Row (L to R): Maegan Fontenot, Shelby Harmon (head),
Brittani Chance (mascot), Taryn Quinn, Jessica Pierce.

LCM JV Cheerleaders
Back Row (L to R):
Jade Weeks, Tiffani Thompson, Katie Davis.
Middle Row (L to R): Courtney Sonnier, Mallory Burnaman,
Destiny Arteaga, Tara McPherson.
Front Row (L to R): Morgan Milligan, Kelly Kaufman (head), Jaycie Harrison.

LCM Freshman Cheerleaders
Back Row (L to R):
Jordan Parker, GinnyAnn Byerly, Payton Burns.
Middle Row (L to R):
Sierra Locke, Ashley Eby, Emily Dalfrey, Conner Hanks.
Front Row (L to R): Darian Buchanan, Lyndsey Windham (head), Kaley Lemoine.