Exactly two weeks after Hurricane Ike ravaged the Texas coast, swallowing Bridge City, the first of park model mobile homes has rolled into town.

Bridge City resident George Stone, 67, received the keys to his temporary new home with Bridge City Mayor Kirk Roccaforte, City Manager Jerry Jones, Congressman Mike Hamilton and other officials in attendance.

Placed on his brother, James Stone’s property on Turner, the temporary home is larger than the travel trailers deployed after Hurricane Rita.

Roccaforte was grateful to see the first of many, but wants to see “50 a day” make their way into the city limits. According to officials, deliveries should be on an increasing schedule, reaching Roccaforte’s goal of 50 a day on Oct. 3.

City and county officials have worked tirelessly with the state and FEMA since Hurricane Ike struck to get trailers in residents’ driveways.

Soon, Orange Countians can stay in town to rebuild their lives.

Roccaforte, along with County Judge Carl Thibodeaux and other local mayors felt it was imperative to get trailers in the county to keep from losing up to 20% of the population because there is no usable housing available within 100 miles.

“Flood is not the toughest thing,” said Roccaforte, understanding the long process recovery will take.

He stresses, to get the trailers; the two most important things are: 1. REGISTER with FEMA 2. Get a FEMA inspector to your house.
If you tell FEMA you don’t know what damages you have…they WILL NOT come inspect the home and you WILL NOT receive a trailer. You must give them a list of specific damages.

And then…rebuilding can begin.

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