In order for your community to be eligible for flood insurance and/or disaster relief funds, certain requirements must be met for construction and repairs to structures in a flood zone.
1. Permits are required for all structures with hurricane damages including flood damages.
2. Permit fees may be waived, check with your individual jurisdiction.
3. The following information will be helpful;
A. Flood zone – can be determined by the local official
B. Elevation certificate
C. Verification of depth of water in the structure (if possible).
D. Detailed written estimate from a state licensed contractor for the repairs and/or improvements to your structure.
E. Appraisal.
F. Detailed insurance estimate of the proposed repairs.
The above information will assist your jurisdiction in making a determination as to the damage of the structure. Some substantially damaged structures may require that the structure be elevated or for commercial buildings to be flood proofed. Substantial damage is when the cost exceeds 50% of the market value of the structure to be repaired or improved.
Please note: failure to obtain a permit can result in penalties or the loss of flood insurance.
Please contact your local jurisdiction for more information at;
City of bridge city – 735-6801
City of west orange – 883-3468
City of vidor – 769-0150
City of orange – 883-1070
City of pinehurst – 886-3873
Unincorporated areas of orange county – 745-1410
City of rose city and pine forest call the county

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