What do we do after the clean-up? People are unsure of what the next step is. Who has the right information, and where to get it? 

The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and the Orange County Economic Development Corporation will host a Hurricane Ike Rebuilding Seminar from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at Northway Shopping Center, 3737 N. 16th Street, to try and answer some of those questions.

The purpose of this seminar and networking event is to inform business owners and home owners how to prepare properties for rebuild, as well as comply with all city codes and requirements by providing literature, and having those that know present.

Informational speakers will address finance, small business loans, local banking, compliance, reconstruction of Orange County and its cities.

Opportunities will be available for questions and answers by professionals in the field.

They hope to have local city building inspectors on hand to answer questions pertaining to specific communities.

The topics will not address FEMA or insurance claims.

There is no charge to attend or participate.

The organizers invite local business owners to bring flyers and business cards for this Rebuilding Seminar to network and showcase your services to the community.

Call the GOACC to set a place for literature and table tent at 409-883-3536.