The full moon has come, but like our situation on the Gulf Coast it’s covered with dark clouds. Our situation could be made better if our government, before they take a break, would legislate that insurance companies can’t dodge their responsibility of a wind-blown surge which caused a natural disaster. Every property owner should be covered if they had homeowners and hurricane insurance. It would take only Congress’ action and President Bush’s signature. But we know the powerful insurance lobby is not going to let that happen. There are some real sad problems facing good hard-working citizens in our little part of Texas. I’ve searched and searched but nowhere have I found where the state and our delegation has done one thing to help. They took the photo-ops and claim they’re standing by us. We don’t need them to just stand around. They have the hammer on insurance companies through the Texas Board of Insurance Regulators, but we know the insurance companies donate big time. It’s time for the state to issue grants. This week everyone will be leaving the Bridge City-Orange area. FEMA will be gone by Sunday, (the non-local) Red Cross is packing up and insurance companies are closing their tents. The Churches of Christ, God bless them, have vowed to stay in Bridge City as long as needed. They are at the Community Center and are doing a great service. Maybe not all hope is lost. President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton have joined together and formed a Gulf Coast Recovery fund that will be distributed probably like a grant that doesn’t have to be paid back. If they are as successful, as they have been in the past, property owners may get a break. Ike is the most expensive storm ever, $700 billion, yet insurance companies will bear only $100 million of the cost; FEMA $26 million and the property owners get screwed with the rest. I’ve got to move on but inside my head is a thought, “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened?” Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

G.M. and Chrysler to consider merger. Ford Motor Co. is evaluating where to sell some of its 33.4 percent stake in Japan’s Mazda because that directly raises cash. Automakers have permanently cut so much production that there could be shortages when the demand for new cars and trucks snaps back then instead of giving discounts, car companies could boost prices. Nissan is planning for worsening sales in Western Europe, Japan and the United States after October. October car sales are the worst ever in the U.S.*****The Fed has approved Wells Fargo’s $11.7 acquision of Wachovia. Citigroup walked away from its own efforts to buy Wachovia, which was hit be a $5 billion run on deposits in late September. The Federal Reserve will consider all policy options to stabilize financial damage to the economy. The Fed is trying to clear blocked credit channels. The Fed will buy short-term debt directly from companies. This is the first time since the Great Depression that the U.S. is taking over or becoming part owner of American banks. Many of the best-known funds and fund managers have been hit hard. Deregulation and lack of oversight by the Bush Administration has led to part of the problem.

30 Years Ago-1978
A countrywide petition is going around obtaining signatures for an ambulance service. *****W.T. “Boss Cajun” Oliver is in California this week meeting with Bob Hope to finalize plans for the Telethon to be carried over 10 Texas TV stations. Proceeds will Benefit the Bob Hope High School for Crippled Children. (Editor’s Note: The Telethon went off well and the school, in Port Arthur, was ultimately built.)*****Scott and Donna are the proud parents of a son who they named Lee Scott Faircloth III. *****Bill and Elaine Townes praised Bridge City EMS Volunteer Ambulance services after their son David had to be rushed to Groves Hospital. *****The Oakridge Boys, who recently played at LC-M Stadium, won “Vocal Group of the Year” at the Country Music Awards. Don Williams who also was on the LC-M show, was named “Male Vocalist.” Other winners were Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Dottie West, The Kendall’s, Roy Clark, Dolly Parton and Grandpa Jones. Crystal Gayle was named “Female Vocalist of the Year.” *****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs beat Nederland 21-14 in district play. *****LCM beat the Liberty Panthers 20-7. Bear coach is Lidney Thompson, Don Richards is quarterback. *****Bridge City overpowered Cleveland 28-13. Quarterback Lance Lee was outstanding as was Steve Prince. Joey Hargrave kicked all the extra points. (Editor’s note: I bet he can’t raise his leg that high today.)*****Orangefield Bobcats name Darlene Adams homecoming queen. Bobcats take win 35-14 over Stephen F. Austin. *****Bridge City homecoming queen was Melanie LeDoux. *****Pinehurst City Councilman Ernest Robert Taylor died in Arkansas. He and his wife Virginia moved here in 1943. He farmed, owned a sawmill and drove a school bus. His wife, daughter Joyce Gandy; three sons Donny, Darryl and Bobby, survives him. Ernest was born on Christmas Day, 1908 in Oil Trough, Ark.*****Judge Sid Caillavet celebrated his 86th birthday on Friday the 13th.*****Judge Homer Stephens to be honored by the Bar Association on Nov. 2. He is a former district judge and retired from the 9th. Court of Appeals. *****Carl Thibodeaux, the Cajun charmer of West Orange, celebrated his 33rd birthday. He doesn’t believe the day will ever come when what he does all night will take all night to do. (Editor’s Note: Remember Judge when you thought you would be a stud for life? Guess what, it don’t get no better.)

Finally, the presidential election is heading to the Nov. 4 out come. It’s been a long season that started 20 months ago. The debate season comes to an end Wednesday in Homestead, N.Y., when McCain sits down at the same table with Obama for their third and final meeting. Bob Schieffer of CBS will be the moderator. Sen. McCain has fallen way behind Sen. Obama in the national polls. Obama is considered to be less than 10 Electoral College votes from becoming the next president. Political observers believe if McCain can’t make a big move in this debate that the Democratic Party could win a landslide throughout the country. Just an observation from me that I believe if McCain had picked Mitt Romney instead of Palin, his approval numbers on the economy would be much improved. I don’t see where Palin helps him in any category. Obama’s popularity has moved up 10 points since she was picked as McCain’s V.P. and a possible Commander-In-Chief. *****The University of Texas Longhorns took a big leap from No. 5 to No. 1 after a good-size Texas whipping of Oklahoma, 45-35. The top five are #1 Texas, #2 Alabama, who was in 4th place, #3 Penn State, who was #6th last week, #4 Southern Cal, who came from 9th place and #5 Texas Tech, who moved up from 7th. *****Here are a few things that you should consider. First, the Steamco Restoration Co., phone number (954) 227-1199. They will totally dehumidify your home, removing all moisture and making it ready for rebuilding. I’ve seen it work and it’s worth the price. They totally dry everything in two or three days. You can’t sleep in the area because it will even pull the sweat from your armpits. I recommend them. Give Steamco a call. ***** Also very important to do is get a Flood Elevation Certificate / Flood Difference Determination. You will need it to get a rebuilding permit. Dishon Surveying, a local company, can help. Wesley has cut his prices to help home folks in Bridge City, West Orange, Cove and Orange. (See ad for numbers.)*****Another important thing to know is don’t sign anything if you know the insurance company is not being fair with you. If you didn’t have flood insurance, they will get to you even on stuff above the water line. Here’s a couple of examples. One lady had a Palm Tree that took a lot of wind damage but worse yet it up-rotted the ball of the tree. The insurance adjuster said the ball is under the waterline so they are not paying. Same thing with a swimming pool; the wind blew a basketball goal and some limbs in the pool causing a hole in the liner. The adjuster claims the water carried the items, so no pay. When Ike occurred, adjusters were gathered and told, “to go help those people.” A week later, they were called back in and told a different story. “If they have no flood insurance don’t give a dime above the water line even though there was a hurricane.” Don’t sign, take their money, see a local attorney and let him advise you. Some are doing it free. They will tell you if you’ve got a case or not. *****By the way, H.D. Pate has moved to 345 W. Roundbunch in the Dubose building. *****If you are a local attorney and have moved, let us know. *****The Press Club of South East Texas on Thursday, 11:30 a.m. at the Rockin A Café in Beaumont, will feature Mayor Kirk Roccaforte and Judge Carl Thibodeaux as speakers. They are located on the corner of Cardinal Drive and Fourth St.*****Nancy McWorther’s recipe column is back in the paper this week. Nancy and Mac, Bridge City residents, may never get back in their home. I hope their health is holding up. *****There is a lot of sickness in Bridge City caused by bad fruit flies. *****Bridge City High lost their Homecoming to Hurricane Ike so this week; the school is holding Homecoming activities all week. Friday they will play district foe Silsbee who gave WO-S all they could stand. The Mustangs escaped with a 14-7 win in overtime. The Cardinals are limping, players are missing but not folding and will show up and be accounted for. Coach Stump is going with some freshmen and sophomore players after Ike trimmed his roster. What the Cards need is our support. Attend the game if you can. *****As election nears, Monday oil dropped to $81 a barrel. Our prediction, made when gas was $4 a gallon, was that it would drop below $3 in October. That has happened. Some people have paid as little as $2.59 in East Texas. Some commodities will drop between now and Nov. 4 but it’s too late, the public is not buying that old election trick this year. *****The former Levingston employees are having a reunion Saturday, Oct. 18 at Robert’s Restaurant, Park Ave. in Orange from 1 to 4 p.m. Any and all former Levingston employees are welcome to come and visit with old friends. *****Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m. at Salem Methodist Church, the city of Orange will sponsor a town hall meeting regarding Hurricane Ike with speakers to answer all questions and how to get assistance in a timely manner. It’s an important meeting so try to attend. State representative candidate and attorney Larry Hunter will be one of the speakers on various subjects. *****If the city, for any reason, doesn’t pick up all the debris on the side of the road or see that it gets picked up, they are doing citizens, who have already been blown out of the tub, wrong. They can’t expect already strapped people to pay for cleanup. This can possibly cause health problems to escalate with a dirty city. If FEMA quits paying, others sources should be found. *****Great bargains can be found in this issue. Get the best deal by saying we sent you.

Dillon Crabtree, Eunice Barrett, Jerry Evans, Olivia Hubbard, Shirley Hudson, Sonny Childs, Suzanne Miller, Allison LeBlanc, Derek Borel, Eleanor Dahl, Morgan Lamb, Nancy Newton, Wayne Mulhollan, Barbara Harmon, Brad Brown, Christopher Brown, Edneshia Johnson, Gene McKinley, Harry Stephens, James Brown, Jeff Braus, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Rachel Tisdale, Sue Collins, Wesley Palmer, Bebe Ricks, Bob Puntes, Cheryl Royal, Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates, Mary Everett, Mary Kendrick, Penny Becker, Tom Taliaferro, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Emily Hughes, Frank Fraccastoro, Griffin Lemley, Julie Prosperie, Kristin Bertles, Madeline Kirby, Blake Hunt, Joy Simonton, Kyle Johnston, Leona Simmons, Mozelle Francois, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman, Jeanne Mullins, Jenne Mullins, Kim Ezell and Treva Hodge.

Tee Nonk Comeaux him, passed by his favorite drinking hole, Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill, an ordered himself a drink. “Tee-Boy, fix me one dem Jack and Daniel, da black label one, and put tree drops of water in it.” Den Tee Nonk downed dat drink and ordered an utter one. Dis time, wit just two drops of water. He downed dat drink too and said, “Tee-Boy, I want an utter one of dem Jack Daniel, but just put one drop of water in dat one.”
Tee Boy answer, “I’ve owned dis bar a long time, me, I’m only tending da bar because my bartender Boudreaux is sick. In all my years I’ve never seen nutten like dat before.” “Why you want another one wit only one drop of dat water in you drink Tee-Nonk?”
“Well Tee-Boy, it’s like dis, wen you get old like me, you got to learn how to hold you water.”

At this time, stress in the wake of Ike, is our biggest enemy. It damages the body’s organs just as alcohol and other substances do. Cumulative stress is a well-documented cause of depression, suicide, heart disease, stroke, infection and certain kinds of cancer. The body builds up the vessel constricting, heart thumping, hormones, adrenaline and the steroid cortisol. The problems cascade from there throughout the body. It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. The best advice is the simplest: eat healthy food, sleep right and avoid obsessing on the gloom. That sounds easy enough but when you’re life’s accomplishments sit on the curb and you have nothing left; it’s hard to ignore. Just remember, you have your life, it may be changed but you are here to keep on keeping on. As long as you don’t just lie down, someone or something will come along to help. Your life will be comfortable again. Hard to believe, but please believe me. It just a set back on our voyage through life. Our country is wealthy; we help so many others, our country will come to our rescue. Maybe not today but they might after the election.*****I’ll just be glad when we can get back to normal and start making Ike a bad dream.*****Take care and God bless.