Trinity Lutheran Church will be taking orders for the Angel Food Ministry from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4, at the church located at 1819 N. 16th Street in Orange.  There are no qualifications or applications required to order food.  Payment should be with a money order payable to Trinity Lutheran Church or through the Lone Star Voucher Program.  

The November menu for a regular box of food is 1.5 lb. of New York Strip Steaks; 3 lb.of IQF split chicken breasts;  2 lb. of baby back pork ribs; 2 lb. of chicken chunks; 28 oz. of jumbo charbroiled beef patties with gravy; 1 lb. of smoked sausage; 1 lb. of ground turkey; 1 lb. of green beans; 1 lb. of diced sweet potatoes; 10 oz. jar of peanut butter; 15 oz. can of cranberry sauce; 7 oz. of beef-flavored rice and vermicelli; 20 oz. of shoestring fries; 32 oz. of 2% shelf stable milk; 6 oz. of pancake mix,; one dozen eggs; and one dessert item.  The price of a regular box is $30.

Also available this month is a Thanksgiving box for $30 which consists of a 7 lb. Perdue roasting hen; 2 lb. of heat and serve mashed potatoes; 2 lb. of heat and serve corn; 2 lb. of heat and serve green beans; 17 oz. of cornbread stuffing; 4.5 oz. of brown gravy mix; 15 oz. can of cranberry sauce; 8 dinner rolls and a dessert item.

Senior meals are for sale for $28. and feature ten nutritionally balanced, fully-cooked meals.  The meals contain 3 oz. of protein, a starch and two vegetables or fruit.

With the purchase of any of the boxes listed above, customers can order the following specials: 7 lb grill box for $21; 4.5 lb. meat combo for $21; 4.5 flavored boneless/skinless chicken breasts for $18; or a fresh fruit and veggie box for $21.

Complete menus are located in a box on the southeast corner of the church.

Please call 883-3916 if additional information is needed.