Yesterday I stopped by the old Creaux’s Nest to feed the cats. Debbie, who had been stopping by to feed them, was out of town for a funeral in Bay St. Louis, Miss. I sat at the spool table for a spell. When Rita came three years ago, the storm got our friends, the birds, squirrels and rabbits, etc. They had just started to replenish when Ike hit. I really miss the ring-neck doves and cardinals that fed on the windowsill. Only one bird showed up, and while I sat there a wiry thin mockingbird sat on the high wire and sang. He seemed alone in the bird world. The mockingbird is Texas tough, probably why he’s our state bird. If I do come back after I’ve passed, I’d like to come back as a mockingbird. He’s a survivor that fights every challenge. Many of the birds will replenish and come back to Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood, and so will we. However, like us, our friends will find it different. New apartments will have sprung up, blocking us from waving to Cox and Ms. Jenny while they work the community garden. Cox won’t be able to keep an eye on the Creaux’s Nest while we’re away. After 25 years in the neighborhood, attorney Pate is not coming back. The new Walgreen’s Pharmacy will be open when we return. Most important is that all of our great collection of Orange County history, thousands of collected photos, hundreds of great writings and all valuable, signed books were all victims to Ike’s salt water. Returning someday without the friends that fed our minds daily, and that we depended on for reference is hard to imagine.  We have gotten some great papers out from our temporary home on Henrietta St in Orange, thanks to the gracious kindness of the Harmon brothers, Corky and Don. Also to our small staff, who lost so much of their equipment. There was no question that Bridge City would never be home again without their community paper, The Penny Record, the voice of the community for nearly 50 years long before Bridge City became a city. We knew we had to put a publication out as soon as possible, for community moral if nothing else. The Penny Record and the school district “are” Bridge City. More than 90 percent of all households read The Penny Record. If you want to send a message to the people of the community that reaches everyone, this newspaper is the only way. Radio, television and other newspapers just reach certain segments. We have heard from hundreds of citizens thanking us for the paper. Like Mary Stanton who wrote, “I knew that Bridge City would be normal again when we arrived home and The Penny Record was in its familiar place in our front yard. We can’t thank you enough. The Penny Record is so much a part of our city and lives.” Many people ask why we do it and give it away. Well, it’s certainly not about the money; it’s always been tough to break even. I believe Mary answered that question. It’s a dedication of service on our part. Thank God for our family of advertisers who support our FREE community paper. Without them the paper would die, so patronize them when you can. Tell them you saw their message in The County Record and The Penny Record.  I’d best get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Thank heaven for the many church groups, first responders and the volunteers. Without their help many cases would be a lost cause. One group we ran into Saturday was the Lamar University student, faculty, staff and alumni volunteers. On this one team were professor Dr. Jason Lamberst, team leader Brian Roberson, crew members Adriana Sanchez, a real cutie with a great personality helping clean out a home despite having been a victim of Ike herself in the Houston area. Other members were Joshua Pullin, Amanda Savage, Kevin Zheng, Lasiandra Sullivan and Keisha Guiany. Other crews were spread out over the Triangle. Lamar University, we thank you.

30 Years Ago-1978
A 400-year-old oak tree in West Lake, Calif., provided the setting for the wedding of actress Anna Dolores Cantu and Fred Primo. Miss Cantu is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Perez of West Orange. She is a 1968 grad of West Orange High School. Cantu, a stewardess with Eastern Airlines, has retired to devote full time to acting. She appears in several television commercials, television shows and movies. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of her and did the marriage last and are her parents still living? If anyone knows, please let us know by e-mail,, fax 409-735-7346 or write P.O. Box 1008, Bridge City, 77611.*****Mama Maybelle Carter died last week at age 69. The Carter family became famous under her direction. Her daughter is June Carter Cash. (Editor’s note: Roy had the entire collection of Carter family music along with a collection of “100-years of Country Music” destroyed by Hurricane Ike.)*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto speaks at the Bridge City Rotary Club noon meeting. He clarifies questions about the amendments on the Nov. 7 ballot.***** Toni Passmore Anderson and Lisa Davis Myers, two Bridge City residents attending Lamar, will take part in the musical comedy production “Kiss Me Kate.” Toni is a senior voice major who has starred in several Lamar productions, Lisa is a senior music major.*****Darryl Alan Wright, a BCHS student, is the winner in the National Principal’s Scholarship contest. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wright. Runner up was Roberta Kennedy.***** St. Mary Junior High cheerleaders are Christie Richard, Shannon Sloan, Grace Trahan, Jodie Savoi, Lori Bourliea and Jame Bourliea. Coaches of the St. Mary Hornets are Kermitt Richard, Arthur Boudreaux, Bill McNamara and Mike Mazzola.*****Rhonda Strange crowned Cavoilcade queen.*****Weingarten’s food prices: Chuck Roast, 98 cents a pound, boneless brisket, 88 cents lb.; quarter loin pork chops, $1.39 lb.; Pepsi Cola, 6 pack quarts, $1.49; Budweiser beer, premium 12 ounce cans, 6 pack, $1.39; peanut butter, 13 ounce jar, 79 cents; fresh baked French bread, 2 loves for $1; Hot dog or hamburger buns, 3 packages $1. (Editor’s note: Those were the times when families ate good on a $50 a week salary.)

Crumpler Machine, Bridge City Cleaners and Hopper Lumber Co., all over 50-year-old establishments, were all or partly destroyed by Ike but these old Bridge City established businesses have confidence in the future of the business economy. The Crumplers, Ms. Ann Segura and Lee Angelle all have been mainstays and are moving forward despite the hardships. Other establishments are doing the same, betting on the people of Bridge City and Orangefield. *****A beautiful sight over the weekend was FEMA trailers starting to roll in. It’s almost impossible to restore a home in reasonable time when one is displaced, make the drive to work on the home only when time permits. If you live on the grounds it’s easier to piddle, clean up, tear out and replace items. FEMA has been slow and in many cases indifferent. Many people who deserve help haven’t received a nickel; others have unjustly been denied help even though their situation is obvious. Red tape has bogged the recovery in Orange County down. Many phone calls, e-mails, faxes and visiting FEMA tents has been frustrating to the much in need citizens. Rep. Kevin Brady visited the area Saturday and got a personal eye full of damages and injustices. Time will tell if he’s been able to reach the right ears and if someone out there is listening or really cares. The system could work much better if the government (FEMA) with proper identification would assist every affected citizen. This would eliminate a lot of payroll with so many employees on the street. I’ve seen enough wasted money to have expedited a quick and efficient recovery. They spend way too much trying not to assist rather than sending help. Many people were told that funds were being sent to their bank routing number a month ago that still hasn’t arrived. I see people suffering uselessly while this wealthy country fumbles with mounds of red tape and silly actions. Time will tell if they finally figure it out. Best to pay one undeserving person than let 10 families struggle just to survive in tents and displacement. Senseless. *****You’re not hearing much about it but we are still losing more than 10 young soldiers a week. Iraq and Afghanistan have been put on the back shelf. *****Happy birthday on Halloween to award-winning photojournalist Mark Dunn. He may have arrived as a trick but he treats us to many wonderful pictures throughout the year. Also celebrating hat day are Don Harmon and Ken Thayer.*****I’ve lost my list of other birthdays, thanks to Ike, but another “trick or treat” baby I remember is Laura Moreau. *****Belated birthday wishes Oct. 24 to Mary Stanton and Ron Batchelor. ***** Dale Morris will celebrate Oct. 25, Betty Harmon Oct. 27, Barbara McLellan Oct. 29 and Zach Corbello Oct. 30. *****Happy anniversary Oct. 28 to a great couple, Susie and Walter Riedel, and to Lynn and Al Goodwin on Oct. 29. *****Many people have requested a copy of our pictorial and informative collectors edition of Ike’s aftermath. Although it was costly, we had a few hundred reprinted and reproduced. It was costly to do it that way and at first we thought 24,0000 copies of the first publication would be enough but popularity overtook us. You can purchase a copy or copies from our Web site,, and we will ship them to any part of the country for you. It’s the best Record on Ike and the storm’s assault on Orange County. Act now, because when they are gone that will be it. To protect your copy of this historical event for future generations, wrap it in black plastic, garbage bag, etc.*****Four years ago, when Geo. W. and Cheney were re-elected, we said in this column that before they left office they would drive the country to near depression. Over the last year alone, more than 1,400,000,00 workers have lost their jobs and are unemployed and now all the major corporations are having mass layoffs. The economy is the worst since the Great Depression, 401ks and retirement funds are in the sink and the elderly will suffer. The homeless and hopeless numbers have risen throughout the country. Fortunately here in Texas, mostly the Gulf Coast area, jobs have held up above the national average. Don’t be fooled by falling gas prices. We warned a long time ago it would happen before the election. I heard a McCain supporter brag about the falling prices on CNN. Don’t buy it. The drop is by design. If McCain wins, “Big Oil” will still control the government.*****You don’t want to miss next week’s historical issue. It will be another keeper. If you are an advertiser, you will want to be in it. Call our office at 886-7183 to request your space. We will print an extra 1,000 to fill the demand. This issue will cover most of Orange County, parts of Newton County and southwest Louisiana.*****The Bayou Bowl is always a great time of year for sister communities Orangefield and Bridge City. The annual football game winner is honored by being presented with the Buzzie Gunn Trophy. The game will be played Friday night in Orangefield. It should be a great game. Come out and support these outstanding youngsters. *****Our long lost friend Janet appeared on Cajun Cuisine Saturday. Where has she been over the last three years anyway? She spun a Cajun tune by homeboy Jackie Callier, “Gravel Road,” that brought memories of home a long time ago. *****Our friend Doug asked why Congressman Kevin was spending so much money in this campaign when 99 percent of the voters don’t know the names of his opponents? Most don’t know he has one. You might get Stelly to ask him with one of his “Hard Ball” questions. I suspect he’s not running against anyone, he’s probably running away from the Republican brand that is not a best-seller this year. He doesn’t want to get caught by the many straight party voters that will triple in number this election. *****The Conservative of the Year award goes to Sarah Palin, who spent only $150,000 in two months for clothes. The lady must be trying to keep up with Cindy McCain, Should that old man get elected, he’d have his hands full with those two. If the stress kills him then we would have Sarah as commander-in-chief and the odds are she would name Cindy as vice president. *****Warren Buffet is one of Obama’s economic advisers on how to turn the economy around. You can’t do much better than that. Obama is smart enough to surround himself with experts. Good people to go along with foreign expert Joe Biden. *****Celebrity birthdays: Sen. Hillary Clinton is 61 on Oct. 26. She will never again run for president. It will be eight years before the gate opens again and she will be 69. Julia Roberts turns 41 on Oct. 28. Dan Rather will be 77 on Halloween, Jane Pauley reaches 58 and Lyle Lovett 51 on Nov. 1. *****Texas barely skimmed by Oklahoma State. They face the biggest test of all Saturday against Texas Tech in Lubbock. They won’t have the record setting 98,000 crowd. Our Orange County boys, Dion Beasley and Earl Thomas, will be really busy for the Longhorn defense. The Texas secondary will be tested with one of the country’s best passing teams.

Barbara McLellan, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose, Beverly Brown, Brandon Allensworth, Emma Scott, Vicki Cormier, Zach Corbello, Mark Dunn, Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Kevin Sorrels, Laura Moreau, Stacy Doiro,  Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Alice McCray, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Joey Campbell, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller, Isaac Melvin, Kimberly Hall, Olin Mahfouz, Ruby Elizabeth Steppe, Dale Dardeau, Joyce Grant, Julia Letcher, Keith McCurry, Marge Everitt, Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Tommy Green, Vicki Lowe, Courtney Courville, Dale Carlton, David Hebert, Donna Bell, Jim Simon, Loretta Meadows, Marilyn Prewitt, Pam Guyote, Ken Thayer and Don Harmon.

Sostan Thibeaux is back to his old drinking habits after being dry for a few months because of his health, and promising his wife Agnes dat he wouldn’t drink no more. He stopped off at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill and drank beer way into da night. Wen da bar closed, Sostan stood up to leave and fell flat on his face. He crawled outside for fresh air tinking dat maybe dat would help him up. He tried to stand and fell again so he crawled the tree blocks to his house and crawled up da stairs. Wen he reached his bed he stood up and fell face down on da bed.
Sostan him, woke up wit his wife standing over him hollowing at him. “Wats wrong, Babe?” he axe.
You lieing coonass you, Agnes say, you started drinking again and come home drunk as a skunk.”
“How you no dat, hanh?” Sostan axe.
“I know me,” Agnes said, “Tee-Boy called me and said you left you wheelchair dere.”

Boy, what I wouldn’t give to sleep in my own bed again. That’s my thoughts and those of my fellow displaced citizens. We can never sleep in that same bed again, it ended up on the curb with everything else. I really miss my pillow, it was an old friend. I’ve tried many ways to mold this borrowed one but it just ain’t working. At first use, it produced a neck and headache. Now I’m tolerating it. We will never be friends like me and my old one was. Right now I realize that’s just a minor inconvenience. Our struggles are far greater. About the time I think I’ve heard the worst, most tragic story I’ve come upon one that beats the others. The area is littered with sad stories. I’m often brought to tears, mostly over frustration, watching our people suffer while the wheels of government get stuck in the mud. If we can survive till then, I believe help is coming. It may be in a way of grants from the Bush / Clinton funds but I haven’t heard much about that lately. Don’t expect it from the insurance companies, they are just paying a scaled down percentage game. They are probably also waiting on the government to pick up the slack.*****Staying in a tent ain’t fun but neither is driving 81 miles one way to work every day to get something done on your home.*****Friday is the last day to early vote. Next Tuesday is Election Day. Shame on you if you don’t vote; this could be the most important vote you will ever cast and probably the most historic.*****This weekend, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, Abbeville will hold it’s big “Omlettefest.” The big event, which is also homecoming and reunion time, will featuring the cooking of a 5,024 egg omlette. This holds the Guinness World record. It will be a fun trip. Stop by Shucks for great oysters. *****Roy writes a Life’s Highway column and what he didn’t say was that the bottom of the ocean, black oily and stinky mud, four-inches-deep was the worst part of Ike. *****Thanks for reading Orange County’s most popular newspaper. Please patronize the advertisers inside. To advertise please call 886-7183. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Go Texas. Take care and God bless.