In the not too distant past, if Orangefield High School or Bridge City High School were mentioned in the same sentence you would have heard discussions of sports programs, academics, the Bayou Bowl and many other topics about the rivalry. After Hurricane Ike, the discussions have definitely changed. 

The Bridge City community was devastated by the storm and was in dire need of assistance during its aftermath. Thankfully, the Orangefield community and many other organizations pulled together to lend a helping hand and seems to “keep on giving.” This Friday, the Cards will visit the Cats at F.L. McClain Stadium and once again battle for the “Buzzie” Gunn Trophy. 

That same evening, at 5:30 at the Orangefield Junior High, there will be a trick or treat for children in both communities. This year, at the football game, both school districts are encouraging their supporters to wear the new shirt showing this new spirit, with the logo “Bayou Bowl, A Community United” to show Orangefield and Bridge City’s support and compassion for each other. 

Earlier this week, the student body presidents and campus principals met to share a few laughs and show their mutual support. Richard Briggs, BCHS principal and class of ’81 alumnus, says: “The events of the last few months have truly shown the ‘true colors’ of our orange and white county rival. The support and encouragement provided to the people of Bridge City by the community of Orangefield has been simply amazing. Words cannot express our appreciation for all their efforts. A special thanks to OISD and to the entire community of Orangefield. Bridge City is very grateful for the support and appreciates all that Orangefield and other organizations have done.” 

Sharon Wilson, BCHS student body president, said: “We greatly appreciate the help of the Orangefield Community! Thank you Orangefield.” 

Orangefield High School Principal Shaun McAlpin, a class of ’96 alumnus, said, “The Bobcat community really came out and exceeded my expectations. We strive to teach our students about community service and the importance of giving back. From our superintendent down, it was great to see students and employees work together for a greater cause. I am proud to be a Bobcat!” 

Tyler Angelle, OHS senior class president, said, “Orangefield High School is glad to be able to help our Bridge City friends. Our hopes and prayers go out to all Bridge City families affected.”