“Tuna,” back from evacuation during Hurricane Ike, brought much needed laughter to Orange County this weekend. Joe Sears and Jaston Williams brought many of their beloved characters back to the Lutcher Theater while adding several new “members” of the cast to the mix.

“Tuna Does Vegas” is the fourth installment of the Tuna saga. Sears and Williams play the entire cast and have done so for over twenty years. Williams has built up strong calf muscles from wearing stilettos on stage after all these years.

Tuna may be the third smallest town in Texas, but almost everyone can identify with at least one of these eccentric characters to someone in their own family.

This time, Bertha Bumiller and Arles Struvie had planned a trip to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day to renew their marriage vows. They were looking forward to time by themselves. Before you know it, almost the entire town followed them to the bright lights of Sin City.

One of the few that didn’t follow was Bertha’s daughter, Charlene. She would have a hard time finding a sitter for four kids. The crowd roared with laughter when Charlene, played by Williams, entered the stage with a kid attached to each leg, one in a back pack and another in her arms, while about five months pregnant with the fifth.

For Vera Carp, what better place to look for more smut after banning it all in Tuna, but Vegas!

Aunt Pearl came out a winner, hitting a jackpot at the airport but Inita and Helen, waitresses at the local Tastee Kreme, stole the show as Vegas showgirls!

It was a mad romp across the Rockies by plane and car that left a smile on the entire audience and sported not one, but TWO Elvises. What more could you ask for?

If you have never seen one of the “Tunas,” you owe yourself to check them out the next time one comes to town. All four shows have graced the Lutcher through the years to the delight of many a theater goer. It is one of those shows that people who “don’t do” theater would enjoy.

A great season is getting underway at the Lutcher. Three more shows are scheduled for the month of November. “A Ride with Bob” is Nov. 14 and 15, “100 Years of Hollywood” on Friday, Nov. 21 and “Oliver!” finishes off the month Sunday, Nov. 30. The first half of the season concludes Dec. 18 with “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

Consider tickets to the theater for your Christmas list with great shows like “Menopause the Musical,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Cirque Eloize Nebbia,” among others, coming up in 2009.

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