When Bernie Mac’ s last film with Samuel L. Jackson, “Soul Men,” debuts this week, on Nov. 7, a Bridge City woman can be seen on the big screen.

Saffron Neuman hasn’t landed a speaking part yet, but has picked up roles in five motion pictures since February of this year, one of them being Soul Men.

The film is a comedy about former “Motown Sound” type performers from the past getting ready for a thirty year reunion show.

Neuman plays the girlfriend of a man that gets into an altercation with Bernie Mac’s character after being popped in the eye with a button off Mac’s suit.

“’Oh, my eye!’ he said. They started a screaming match. Then he stormed out.I’m looking like this (with an angry look on her face).then I storm out and slam the door. It was pretty much the end of the scene,” she said.

The button was a CGI special effect added later. “I didn’t know if it was popping off his shirt or his pants or what,” said Neuman.

“Sometimes I didn’t have to be on the stage because I wouldn’t be in the shot from the angle they were shooting,” she said. “They film from every imaginable angle.” Neuman got permission to stay on the set and watch filming.

“Bernie Mac was telling jokes between the takes,” she said. “I was in such awe. Wow, this is Bernie Mac!”

When Neuman heard of Mac’s illness she thought, “Wouldn’t that be horrible if he died? Oh.he wouldn’t die from pneumonia.” She was in shock when she got the news of his death.

Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, he died Aug. 9, at the age of 50 from complications due to pneumonia.

Not only was it Bernie Mac’s last show, but it was also the last one for Isaac Hayes. Just over 24 hours after Mac, Hayes died from a stroke.

Besides Soul Men, Neuman has acted in “Disaster Movie,” “W,” and a Jack Black movie due out next year, “Year One,” which is a religious parody. Unfortunately, her part in “W” wound up on the cutting room floor. She is also in “The Long Shots” with Ice Cube and Kiki Palmer.

Ike has put temporary brakes on a quickly moving career; Neuman missed three auditions preparing for evacuations from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. She is trying to get her house repaired like the rest of Bridge City after four feet of Lake Sabine flowed through in her home.

Neuman plans on taking FEMA up on temporary housing in Shreveport, which is where most of the movies she has been in were filmed. Apparently, that area of Louisiana is become a hot spot for the movie industry.

She plans to continue pursuing an acting career and does not have a “day job.”

Soul Men premieres Friday. Click here to see the movie trailer.

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