The presidential campaign has been going on for 21 long months. You can’t help but admire all the candidates. I don’t know how they do it or how they muster that much energy under so much stress. Only in America. Now the choice has been made and we look forward to a new day and new hope come Jan. 21. The past eight years have been a terrible drain on our country and poor / middle class, our prestige abroad is all but gone. The new president will have a lot of rebuilding to do. We’ve doubled the national debt and raised unemployment to the highest level since the Great Depression. Turning so much bad into good will not happen overnight but at least we will take a different track, with a different conductor and experienced crew. I told you that anyone who voted to invade Iraq would never be elected president. We also mentioned six months ago that gas at the pump would come way down by Oct. and before the Nov. 4 election. Well, now you can look for it to head back up. “Big Oil” will slow down production and the refineries will slow down in order to drive the prices back up. I’m afraid the new administration will make a deal not to go up over $3 max. I know prices are going up. Royalty checks and production fell in half for the last month. President Bush and Dick Cheney will leave office with the lowest approval rating in my lifetime, 25 percent. Americans believe Bush and Cheney have done a good job of governing. I know a lady off of Fernwood who believes they didn’t deserve criticism for their good job. Well, we’ll start over and will be just as critical of the new administration if they do a lousy job. *****I’d best move on, come along, it won’t do you no harm.

We were saddened to learn about the death of Sheri Fudge Lapeyrolerie, age 45, who passed away Oct. 18. Sheri Denise was the daughter of Julia and Dennis Fudge. She was raised on Norbert Street and attended school in Bridge City. We have known her family many years. Her mom, Julia Madole, was secretary for Bridge City Police Chiefs going back as far as Wilson Roberts. To husband Bill and the entire family, our condolences. (Please see obit.)*****Our hearts also go out to Jackie and George Roberts on the tragic death of their son Jayson Allen, age 25, on Oct. 27. Jackie, a legal secretary worked for Judge Grover Halliburton many years until his death. (Please see obit.)*****Our condolences to the family of Betty Britnell, 73, who died Oct. 27. She was preceded in death by husband Calvin Sr. and son Calvin Jr. She was a fine lady who raised a great family. Our deepest sympathies to all. (Please see obit.)

30 Years Ago-1978
Jim Taylor has returned to Orange from Nashville where he performed. While in the country music capital, Taylor was presented an award for his recording, “I’ll Always Love You Mary Ann” which made the “Top 100” charts of both Billboard and Cash Box magazines. He also recorded the vocal tracks for two more songs planned for release early in 1979. (Editor’s note: Maybe we can get Stelly to play some of Taylor’s music some morning.)*****Dale Saurage replaces Mike Ramsey as investigator for the Bridge City Police Agency. Ramsey will go back to the regular beat.*****The city of Bridge City will move into their new facilities this month. (Editor’s note: B.C. City Hall is being repaired after taking a bad blow from Ike.)*****W.T. Oliver was in Houston meeting with John Connally on plans for a national telethon scheduled for December. The telethon is being held to raise funds for the Bob Hope High School, to be built in Port Arthur at the Hughen Center.*****Richard Corder, after many years as the morning voice of KOGT, has been taken off the air by station manager Bill Fort. (Editor’s note: BBRC wasn’t off the air long after a confrontation with Dewy Cox and Roy Dunn, Fort agreed to return Corder to the time he’d had held for 23 years. Cox and Dunn had a lot of support from the public in their efforts. *****While returning from Cleveland, Texas, Janice Overman, Bridge City cosmetology teacher, and her students discovered the body of a man in a ditch. When they approached what they thought was the body, the man jumped up. He said he was on his way to Louisiana, got tired and lay down for a nap in the ditch. He had a little toddy to keep him warm.*****Betty and Corky Harmon have just returned from Europe. They visited Germany, Cairo, Egypt, Holland, Belgium, the Nile and Pyramids. They report that they are glad to get home but it was a great trip.*****Tim Hughes, a Scot-Irishman, visited Ireland the homeland.

An update on our friend Cal Broussard. After nine surgeries and a mild heart attack, Cal’s lungs accumulated fluid and he was put on the critical list. However, that Cajun continues to battle and as of Monday, things were looking up. He was alert enough to talk some but after two months he is still unable to swallow. That’s way more than that Cajun bargained for but he’s not turning loose of the rope. His many friends pray for his recovery.*****On Nov. 3, the darling of Bridge City, Denise Stanton, a former Super Wal-Mart employee and diehard Cowboy fan, turned 39 years old. She is the pride and joy of Mary and Don Stanton and sister to Donnie, a far right-winger, who this week is licking his wounds. Best wishes Denise and may you have better luck than your Cowboys. *****Another very special birthday coming up on Nov. 12 is that of our buddy, Sean Gros, who turns 18. His story is a special one also. He did not let an accidental set back in his early youth make an invalid out of him, instead he’s worked hard to overcome it. This Friday, he will again be on the football field for “Senior Night” with his Bridge City Cardinal team, his final game. Coach Stump, Coach Johnson and the entire coaching staff and his fellow teammates have all helped make a dream come true. His dad is coming from Mississippi to watch him play in this last game of the season. We know that will make his birthday special. We’re proud of him and wish him life’s best.*****Shirley and Butch Choate mark their anniversary on Nov. 8.*****Our little buddy Clayson Choate is one of the nation’s top motor-bike racers in his age group. Last weekend, he blew the competition away. He came home with all three first-place trophies and also captured a third-  and fourth-place in an older age competition. His beautiful mom, Josie, says she could not get the smile off of Clayson and his proud dad Van’s faces. He is an amazing youngster. No matter how busy they are Van and Josie always find time for their children’s activities and that’s a great thing. They are the owners of Hushpuppy’s that is also always great.*****What I’m ready for is one of Patsy Peck’s “Holiday Get-Aways.” Through Traverus she plans it all. No work, no worry, no bother, just load yourself up, Ms. Patsy will handle the rest. Good enough for me, I’m tried of thinking and planning. Now I just need to figure the “Get-Away” spot.*****I told you last week, in this column, that West Orange-Stark boys at Texas, Earl Thomas and Dion Beasley, would have their hands full with Texas Tech receivers. The Red Raiders beat the Longhorns with one second left on the clock.*****Remember Brad Johansson, a 1998 Bridge City grad and A&M graduate? Well Brad got lucky; he met pretty and smart Amanda Carter from Bonham, also an Aggie and she has agreed to marry him. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Alan Johansson. The wedding will take place Nov. 15 in Bonham. Here’s wishing them a long, happy life.*****Whenever I run into good work, folks who do what they say they will do, I like to let you know about it. Here’s one I recommend. Before you replace your sheetrock or paneling, Attaboy Termite and Pest Control does an all-in-one treatment to protect against pest and mold. Guy Papania, owner, is a local boy from Port Neches, his mom lives in Orangefield. He has a special treatment that protects and makes your home safe and he’s very reasonable. Give him a call at 722-3134 for estimates and explanation of what he can do for you. See his ad in this issue.*****Karen Leger will serve her last day at the Greater Orange Area Chamber. Cake will be served from 11:30 to 12:30. Come by and say goodbye.*****Our government is borrowing $550 billion for Bush’s last three months and the U.S. will need $360 billion more in the first quarter of 2009. We’ve had about all this conservatism we can stand.

Poor Sostan Comeaux him, was on his dying bed, his last breath could come at anytime. Comeaux was about to slip out of dis world when he smelled da most wonderful smell. His favorite brownies were baking in da over.
Comeaux struggled out of da bed him, too weak to stand up. He crawled down da hall and into da kitchen and pulled hisself up to da counter where his wife Marie’s brownies were cooling dem.
Comeaux grab one and put it in his mou’h and den stuffed two more in his pajama pocket, den stuffed one more in his mou’h. Den he said, “I jus love dat smell and wonderful taste me.”
Bout dat time Marie walked up behind him and said, “Comeaux, wat you doing you?” Shame on you, dem brownies are for after da funeral.”

Welcome to this historical issue recording a first for our country. Wrap this issue up and put it away. It’s dated Nov. 5, 2008. What were the odds that a man who has the background and the name of Barack Obama could ever be elected president of the United States. How would an unknown black guy beat the most powerful political machines? He put together a coalition of blacks, whites, male, female, young and old. I believe the people saw in this young man something very special. They threw everything they could at him and made some people believe it. He’s not a Muslim and never has been, yet 23 percent of Texas voters believe he is. Our history has special moments and this is one of them. He was helped by a failed far-right administration and Americans had a belly full of that. I knew after the first debate, the economy sank and McCain picked Sarah Palin, a light-weight across the board and a real gamble for a vice-presidential choice, that he had no chance. Romney would have been a better pick. Obama however, was destined to become president and nothing could stop him. It will be interesting to see how he expanded the map turning red into blue states. Texas is just one election cycle away from becoming Democratic again, but first Kay Bailey will become governor.*****Thanks for your time, take care and God bless.