Tuesday Nov 4, Lions came roaring back into Bridge City.

This time the Lions were led by District Governor Harold Yost.

Yost applied for and received a grant in the amount of

$10,000 from the Lions Club International Fund. The LCIF grant was distributed among

five areas most affected by Hurricane Ike.

Vice District Governor Charles Tarver and Zone Chairman Robert

Blackwell had contacted Travis Nation, president of the Bridge City Lions Club.

The three Lions determined that the Bridge City allotment of the grant would be

used to provide food at Bridge City.

When Yost was able to obtain additional financial donations

for Bridge City another need was discovered.

With so many people displaced and needing places to live

there was a shortage of basic housing and supplies. The Lions decided that this

time they would provide blankets and heaters.

Tarver and Blackwell met Yost and L.E. “Stump” Weatherford

of the Orange Lions Club at the Bridge City Community Center Tuesday afternoon.

At the Community Center Yost was introduced to Mark Cremeans

of the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team. Cremeans and his DRT have

been providing hot meals, clothing, cleaning supplies, and other basic items to

Bridge City residents since the first days after the storm.

While waiting for Yost and Blackwell to arrive with the

blankets and heaters Cremeans explained how the relief efforts are being

conducted by the Church of Christ DRT. “We will be in this area as long as we

are needed and as long as the city will let us stay in this building. We were

in New Orleans for a year and a half after Katrina,” said Cremeans.

Tarver and Blackwell arrived with 75 full-sized blankets and

35 1500 watt electric space heaters.

“We wanted to meet a basic need for some folks that do not

have much left after the storm. With the weather getting cooler we thought that

there is a need for what we have brought today. We received another $4,000 in

money, including $500 from a Lions Club near Chicago,” said Yost.

Local resident Terry Reeves was the first to receive one of

the heaters.

 “I really want to

thank the Lions for the heater; it will be great to have, said Reeves.

In addition to the toys that were donated earlier by the

Lions of District 2 S-5, other Lions Clubs have made donations to Bridge City. The

Newton Lions Club donated cleaning supplies and the Rusk Lions Club has donated

canned food. There have also been donations from individual Lions.

In addition to assisting Bridge City the Lions have also

sent aid to Sabine Pass, LaBelle, Hamshire-Fannett, and Winnie.