Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk from Nov. 3, 2008 through Nov. 7, 2008

 Todd D. Ochoa and Emily P. Johnson
Jarred D. Eddins and Crystal A. Collins
Alex Jingo and Catherine Nakabugo
Chadwick G. Robison and Rachel L. Terry
Timothy R. Jackson and Tammy J. Smith
Charles P. Kendall and Tamas M. Guidry
Chad C. Roberts and Misty L. Howell
Daniel I. Lowe and Lisa R. Bradshaw
William A. Dougherty and Takisha B. Allen
Dwayne M. Lognion and Tammy R. Lark
James V. Chauvin and Samantha B. Rush
Diego V. Velasquez and Ashley N. Peveto
Mark A. Becker and Patricia E. Earnest
Jeffrey A. Pollock and Jamie L. Luther
Jason D. Mannino and Leticia N. Frizzell
Ricky D. Brunner and Betty A. Bowman