The Students of the month for the months of September, October and November were announced at the monthly coffee hosted by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce.

Each student received a $10 Shop Bridge City gift certificate and a $25 Wal Mart gift card courtesy of Bridge City Wal Mart.

The Bridge City student of the month for September is Bradley Weatherholt, son of Reese and Rose Weatherholt. Bradley has a grade point average of 4.89 and is active in many extra curricular activities. He plans to attend the University of Texas and Southern California University. All Bradley’s teachers commend him on being intelligent and diligent with his work.

Orangefield’s September student is Tyler Angelle, son of Thad and Candi Angelle. Tyler’s grade point average is 4.0 and he is ranked first in his class. Tyler is active in student council and other activities and plans to attend University of Texas. He was also involved in Hurricane Ike cleanup details. His teachers compliment his intelligence, sense of humor and call him a very likeable young man.

October’s student of the month from Bridge City is Grant Encalade. Grant is the son of Joey and Janet Encalade and has a grade point average of 4.82. Aside from being active in many activities, Grant was also a volunteer with Hurricane Rita and Ike cleanup. He plans to pursue a chemistry degree to attend medical school or become a pharmacist. Grant’s teachers compliment his gentlemanly qualities and call him a “knight in shining armor”.

Orangefield’s October student is Taylor Perkins who is the son of Pruitt and Susie Perkins. He has a grade point average of 3.92 and is a NHS member. Taylor is involved in FFA and FTA as well as helped cleanup businesses after Hurricane Ike. Taylor also works for Taylor’s Deer Feeders. He wants to pursue a degree in Law and Business and would like to become a Judge. He has already been accepter at Houston Baptist University. Taylor is credited by his teachers as being a hardworking and honest young man.

For November, Bridge City chose Marla Carter as student of the month. She is the daughter of Daniel Carter and Rebecca Romero. Marla has a grade point average of 3.80 and is in the Strutters. She is active in volunteer work and plans to attend Lamar University after graduation. Marla is credited with having a positive attitude and always a ready smile.

The Orangefield student of the month for November is Rachel Reed, daughter of Morgan and Denise Reed. She is active in FFA and many other activities. She is an avid horsewoman and is learning many riding different styles and types of horseback riding. Rachel plans to attend Stephen F Austin.