The Unified Command has established household hazardous waste dropoff stations for residents of Orange County areas for homes affected by flooding as a result of Hurricane Ike. The household hazardous waste times and dropoff locations are Bridge City Intermediate School; 1029 W Roundbunch Road, Bridge City; and  Destroyer Avenue via Simmons Drive, Orange.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 22-23.

Acceptable materials include cleaning supplies, automotive products, lawn and garden products, painting supplies, pesticides, herbicides, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, pool chemicals and other hazardous chemicals. Please clearly mark containers, and place leaking containers in plastic bags or other appropriate containers to prevent further spills.

Items not appropriate for drop off at the site include ammunitions, explosives, tires, general trash, animal manure and carcasses, human waste, needles, spoiled food, and other biological items, as well as household appliances, televisions, computers and other electronic waste.

Be cautious around household hazardous chemicals, even if you are returning home for only a short time. Keep children and pets away from leaking or spilled household chemicals. It is not safe to combine household chemicals from leaking or damaged containers or to burn them. Do not dump chemicals down drains, on the ground, in storm sewers or toilets.

For more information, call Orange City Hall at 735-6801. For more information on household hazardous waste, go to EPA’s Web site at