Prospects have dimmed for enactment of a $25 billion bailout for the auto industry before Bush leaves office. Congressional and Bush forces have reached a stalemate. Meanwhile Wall Street is sinking, with more signs of economic weakness and layoffs in the financial sector. The dollar fell against most major currencies and gold prices are headed downward. Recession is here and many worry about their retirement and 401K accounts. No president since FDR has inherited a country with so many major problems. President-elect Obama’s job to dig us out of this hole won’t be easy or fast. I trust he will surround himself with a cast of the finest brain-power available. We are really in a sad state. The country gave Obama a good mandate, 62,527,406 votes, seven million over McCain’s 55,450,968. He also doubled the electoral votes 338 to 163. With the backing of a patient nation, we can only hope that improvement is coming starting Jan. 22.*****Iraq is still a major problem. Six-hundred million has been spent on mismanaged contracts, shoddy and unfinished work. Contractors rob us blind while our government sleeps. Waste fraud and mismanagement has thrived under Bush / Cheney control while the national debt has doubled.***** Here at home many residences are suffering beyond the country’s financial problems. Locals are concerned about no longer having enough money to face retirement. Many are drawing down their savings to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Ike left them devastated while insurance companies bend the rules that would have protected them. A salvation has been the many volunteers. Without their generous help citizens would be in a hole they couldn’t dig out of. I can’t say enough about the good work the Churches of Christ disaster crew at the Bridge City Community Center and the many outreach programs and individuals who are helping a community that has been knocked back on their heels. A heavy cloud hangs over good, honest, hardworking people in a proud community. It won’t be easy or fast but someday the sun will shine again on these good people in this great area. You have to see the devastation and problems to believe it. I’m around it and its still breath taking and sad.*****Gotta move on, come along, it won’t do you no harm.
We lost two of our friends this week who were such great people. J.D. Stanfield, age 90 and Winona Gibson, 83. J.D., a World War II vet, was an Orange native. A former Orange city councilman, most of his adult life was donated to community and church work. He belonged to many organizations but none was enjoyed more, in his latter years, than meeting with the boys at the Kroger Koffee Klub. The KKK has lost one of their finest friends. Please read his obit on Page 8A for details of a life well spent.*****Winona Gibson, 83, passed away Nov. 16. She and her late husband Bill were pillars of the community. We went back to the early 60s. As of late Winona had been a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease but for many years she had a great mind and had been a longtime court reporter working for several judges. She also did freelance reporting for her own firm. She was truly a remarkable lady that was a pleasure to know. The Orange native leaves behind a great family. Our condolences to them. Please see obit this issue.

30 Years Ago-1978

Dr. Mark Messer named Rotarian of the Week by Bridge City Rotary Club. He is a dentist, married to wife Becky and has three children, Marcie, Marlon and Jeremy.*****Bridge City Boxing Club is coached by Roy Bendy and assisted by Mike Allen. Boxers are E.T. Laughlin, Bubba Ritter, Bubba Thurman, Todd Granger, Jimmy Brooks, James Bennett, Craig Chesson, Tony Granger, Cory Sherman, Shawn O’Dell, Clary Chesson, James Brooks, Robert Tankersley, Richard Broussard, Nathan Bendy and Johnny Brooks. *****The big deer hunt took place near Fredericksburg when a platoon of Orange County hunters arrived at the lease. Former D.A. Sharon Bearden bagged a half-grown spike. He was as proud of it as anyone would be of an eight-point buck. Bearden hung him up overnight and the next morning sneaked out of the camp to enjoy the sight of his deer. Then all hell broke loose. He discovered, hanging in the place of his prize deer, was one of Texas’ biggest jackrabbits. After Bearden threatened to shoot everyone in camp, his little buck, with a broken spike was returned. That deer was Sharon’s first trophy deer. (Editor’s note: Over the years, to hear Bearden tell it, that spike has evolved into a 10-point buck with a world-record spread.)*****Pretty Betty Harmon named to the County National Bank board. No doubt the looks of that bunch has really improved. *****Joe Burke celebrates a birthday on Nov. 22, the day JFK was killed 15 years ago. *****Charlie and Juliet Patten have just returned from a trip to Switzerland. While there they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Garrett who were staying in the same hotel. (Editor’s note: In the last few years both Pattons have passed away. The last we heard Maurice was living with a daughter in Mauriceville.*****Pretty Janet Brunell turned 17 on the Nov. 18. (Editor’s note; Don’t know what became of her. She might even be a 47-year-old grandmother by now.)*****Father Kennedy, former pastor in Bridge City and Orangefield, has died after a long battle with cancer. ***** It seems the girls were on the radio this week. Making noise on the CB were Lady Porky Pig, Happy the Clown, Lady Hugo, Tugboat Mama and Sunshine Lady.


On Nov. 22, Lamar Orange will present a free movie night on the front lawn. Activities begin at 5 p.m., movie starts at 6. Load up the folks, cats and dogs, lawn chairs and blanket. There will be a food drive donation, great music, great movie, raffle prizes. All great fun, all ages welcome. *****Judge Pat and Ms. Rosalie made it back from Israel. It was quite a trip. Robert Hankins writes about it this week. I bet the judge didn’t tell him about Ms. Rosalie having to dip into her grocery money for souvenirs. Read about it inside. By the way, while they were away, granddaughter Whitney, Beth Ann’s daughter, has been winning the Knights of Columbus soccer challenge. After winning three separate events in Houston, capturing first place, she placed second in the state meet in San Antonio. All the Clarks are proud of the 11-year-old. The late Louis Dugas used to write about Whitney often when she was just a pup.*****Congrats to Archie “LeRoy” Cezar who was honored by commissioner’s court Monday. (See story.)*****Nov. 22 will mark 45 years since JFK was killed in Dallas. (Roy recalls the time and the assassination in this issue’s Down Life’s Highway). *****Congrats to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs on the 36-8 win over Coldspring. Next they meet Caldwell, Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Woodforest Stadium in the Woodlands. Orange County is pulling for the Mustangs.*****Dallas got lucky on a couple of calls then turned on the burners in the fourth quarter to beat the Redskins 14-10.***** The Houston Texans figured out how to give away another game, a 33-27 gift to Manning and the Colts.*****Matt Bryant kicked three field goals to give Tampa Bay a 19-13 win over the Vikings.*****Kirbyville will be meeting Anahuac at LC-M Friday, 7 p.m. It should be a good game. If you like high school football, come on out. *****No. 2 Texas Tech heads to Oklahoma to meet the number five Sooners. Three Heisman contenders will be on the field. Tech quarterback Graham Marrell, Tech wide-receiver Michael Crabtree and Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, who leads the country with 38 touchdowns, Marrell has 36. Oklahoma averages 51.4 points per game, Tech 47.9. Tech has a perfect league record; Oklahoma lost one to Texas. I believe this will be the game of the week.*****Special thanks to David Ivy, Cardinal Insider; Marty Elkins, Bobcat Insider; and Ms. MeriElen Jacobs, Mustang Insider. These fine people covered football for us and did a great job. Ms. Jacobs is still on the trail, following the state bound Mustangs.*****Ace Amadeo is out of his cage. He had been in the hospital for over a week. We heard he had a heart attack, he said it was just low blood pressure. Anyway, he’s on the streets and hopefully on the upswing.*****Wilson Roberts was also on the loose. He broke the chain V.J. had him tied up with and is making pit stops again.*****Happy birthday this week to Bart Williams, who celebrates Nov. 22. Wanda Monoque celebrates on Nov. 26 and the football color man, District Attorney John Kimbrough celebrates his big day Nov. 27.*****Happy anniversary Nov. 27 to Ken and Merrilee Rochau*****Congrats to Charlotte and James Pruter, who celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on Nov. 15. That’s not a record but it’s a damn good average. We wish these great people many more healthy, happy years. *****Celebrity birthdays: Remember the perfect 10, Bo Derek? She’s 52 years old this week, Nov. 20. She’s still a good ‘8.’*****Larry King, who has a young bride and two young sons, has been married seven times and may be headed to divorce court again. He turned 75 Nov. 19.*****Goldie Hawn will be 63 on Nov. 21*****Jamie Lee Curtis, Tony’s little girl, is 50 as of Nov. 22.*****Texas Department of Insurance granted a rate increase for the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. It’s not a small increase but 12.3 percent for homeowners and 15.6 for small businesses. The members of that board are all Republican appointees. We have no one from our little part of Texas fighting our battles. Raising rates coming February is like putting salt on a wound.*****A lot of Bridge City folks have discovered K-Dan’s in Orangefield, just a few miles down Highway 408. It’s like old home week so many people from Bridge City are shopping with Kenneth Smith and crew. You can’t beat their fresh cut meat and specialty items. Across the board the short trip is worth it. Reasonable prices also.*****Our buddy Cal Broussard, after a scare of having to return to Houston, is moving on up. He’s eating a little broth and drinking a little water and remains in the Mid-County hospital. Cal’s looking forward to his next move, to be released.*****The Bridge City Christmas Parade will be Dec. 6. To register a float or group for the parade call the Chamber of Commerce at 735-5671. It would be great for many to participate and give Bridge City citizens a great parade. For many, it will be the highlight of their Christmas season.*****We welcome Mike Woods, new owner of the Sears store in Orange. He has plenty of new merchandise coming in daily. We wish him the best.


Jason LeLeux, Edgar Eschbach, Jan Briggs, Jesse Evans, Lon Hbbard, Rose Powell, Tabatha Force, Adam Schisler, Bart Williams, H.D. Pate, Larry Bridges, Misty Moody, Barbara Trahan, Belinda Thibodeaux, Bobby Tarter, Brenda Spangle, Carolyn Hagen, John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Jeff Hollis, Justin McCarthy, Kim Hubbard, Rebecca McLemore, Serena Simonton, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Eric Andrus, Kelly Stanley, Lana McCracken, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Dana Bryant, Emily Fischer, Jessica Harkness, John Kimbrough, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher, Nick Miller, Sharon Gregory, Tena Kenney, Aimee Huckabay, Celeste Hart, James Cornell, Jonathan Vogt, Justin McCullough, Kristina Denman, Linda Klien, Liz Harris, Viviene Matthews

A letter from Sostan
Dear Cuz,
Me, I just want to drop you a letter to tol’ you wat’s been goin’ on. Not too much.
My brother-in-law, Choupique (Shoe-pick) got married, him, fo’ de t’ird time. He marry Clesma, de late CoCo Broudreaux’s wife.
De priest, Father Broussard, aks Choupique if he want a contemporary or traditional style wedding.
“Wat’s de difference?” Choupique aks him back.
“De contemporary, it’s more modern, not as formal. It don’t take as long.” Fr. Broussard say.
“Dat sound good to me. Dat’s wat I want, me contemporary.” Choupique say.
On de day of de wedding de worse rain you ever saw came down. Choupique, him, when dey got to de church didn’t want to get his rented tux wet so he roll up de pants legs abouve his knees, him. Dey rush to da altar, dem.
Fr. Broussard announce to everyone gathered dat he would “join Chupique and Widow Clesma in holy matrimony wit’ a contemptorary service.”
Fr. Broussard notice, him, dat Choupique hadn’t roll down his pants legs, so he lean over and whisper to Choupique, “put you pants down.”
Poor Choupique, him, he didn’t understand wat de priest was aksing. He get real nervous and he aks Father, “You t’ink maybe it’s not too late to change back to one of dem traditional wedding, hanh?”
Poor Choupique, him, he gots two brain-one is lost and de other one is out looking for it.
Dat’s about all goin’ on here. Come see me, you.
You cuzzin,

“Attaboy” of Attaboy Termite and Pest Control stopped by to bring us some historical newspapers marking the big events in our country going back to the early years. His gift replaced many of the papers we lost to Ike. Guy also gave me one of his ‘Attaboy’ Rough Rider knives. He’s a nice young man. If your home needs spraying for termites, any kind of bug or to protect against mold he’ll do you a good job.*****My nerves are about shot. I need to get away for a couple of days. My buddy Joe and I will see what we can get into. If we fit in, we’ll stay awhile, if we don’t, we’ll move on. We’ll take life easy, just hunting for nothing in particular, telling stories and lies and see what happens.*****By next week, I should have an attitude adjustment. Stress makes one crabby. Even a poor man needs a valium or equivalent. Ya’ll have a good week. Remember to support your local community paper. Shop our advertisers. Gotta go, take care and God bless.