Several Orangefield Junior High students have earned the much sought after Physical Education award. Each of these students recieve a special t-shirt.

P.E. Coach Chris Theriot said, “These shirts are what Orangefield is all about. In order to earn a shirt students must display qualities of pride, effort, character, positive attitude, and leadership.”

Only one boy and one girl from each class may earn an award each six weeks.

The following students earned P.E. awards for the second six weeks: Top Row – Kassidi Fulfer, Kylie Bradley, Hunter Johnson, Hugh Dearing, Erin Henagan, Kaitlan Crew, Middle Row-Colin Moore, Colin Burton, Cameron Williams, Landon Sparks, Tanner Jenkins, Kyle Boyett, Bottom Row – Sarah Wells, Brooke Ehrlich, Sage Granger, & Emilee Adrio