Friday night

at the Texas Longhorn saw one of the biggest sessions to date. Twenty bull

riders signed up to ride. Three bull fighters showed to do the cowboy

protection. The crowd was enthusiastic and loud. Shane Young brought another great

pen of bulls. Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto acted as the auctioneer and

conducted the first Calcutta of the series. The stage was set for a great night

of entertainment.

With several

riders new to the series the Calcutta pot was not as large as some in the past,

but there was a respectable $765 raised for the winning bidders to split if

their riders covered and placed.


conditions were a little dusty at the start and got dustier as the night went

on. The bulls would come out fast and furious and the activity would keep the

dust in the air but it did not slow down the action or dampen the enthusiasm of

the 600 or so standing around the arena watching and cheering on their favorite


The second

rider out for the night was Eddie Garcia, once again decked out in his pink


Garcia is a

member of the Professional Bull Riders’ “Patch Program”. As a participant of

the program Garcia elected to choose Breast Cancer Awareness as his charity of

choice. The PBR donates a sum of money equal to a percentage of the riders’

earnings to the charity. Thus far this season Garcia has been responsible for a

$10,000 contribution based on his earnings. His pink chaps, vest, black shirt,

pants and other custom gear is designed to draw awareness to Breast Cancer

Awareness. He is hard to miss in the arena. Unfortunately, he missed his eight

seconds and went to the ground early in his ride. It was one of those cases of “bull

going right and rider going left.”

The though

luck ride of the night was Josh Durant. Durant was the winner of the “Ring of

Fire” series, but on Friday night his bull was fouled coming out of the chute.

In the vernacular of the arena the bull “hipped hisself”. As the bull moved out

of the chute he hit the side of the chute with his left hip. This caused the

bull to go off balance as he blew out of the chute. Two seconds into the ride

the bull went to the ground with Durant on his back. Durant was able to get

away and the bull dazedly regained his footing.

Judges Bryan

Little and Clint Craig gave Durant a re-ride. Durant would ride as the last

rider of the night on a new bull.


Stevenson, one of the solid riders of the last series, came out on his bull

looking good but one of those things that can go wrong went wrong and Stevenson

went down about two seconds short of the eight seconds needed. Stevenson had

good footing and was making a get-away, but the bull had other ideas and went after



Guy Rivera, Bubba Taggart and Kyle Copeland dove in fast, distracted the bull

and all was well. Stevenson got away and the bull trotted out of the arena.

There would

be several times that night when the bulls got wild in the arena when their

backs emptied and it would take some fast footwork on behalf of the

bullfighters to keep fallen riders out of trouble.

Bull riders

got away and the bullfighters dove onto the fences, judges scattered and even

Peveto climbed the fence a few times.

Out of the

20 riders, four covered their bulls. That is a respectable showing on any



Delaney scored 76 points to earn first place and win $420. Shawn Seaford took

the second spot with 75 points and earned $315. Sterling Johnson earned 68

points and $210 for the third place ride. Kenny Kimbro rounded out the night in

fourth place with 64 points and $105.

The four

winning bidders in the Calcutta earned $306 for first, $230 for second, $153

for third and $76 for fourth.

This series

is drawing a good group of riders, some new to the Longhorn and the majority of

the riders that are familiar to the fans. As always there is $250 added money

at each session. The payoff at the series end will be $2000 extra with a bounty

bull and a custom one of a kind buckle from Montana Silversmiths.

The “Thunder

on Hooves” series will end in January 2009.