Games This Week

WEST ORANGE-STARK (10-0) over GILMER (11-1)—Two high-scoring offenses will be clashing in the Regional semifinal game 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Abe Martin Stadium in Lufkin. But the defenses are pretty salty, too, so you might be surprised if the scoreboard doesn’t light up as much as expected.

KIRBYVILLE (11-0) over ARP (11-0)—This Class 2A Division I state quarterfinal game also takes place in Abe Martin Stadium at 6 p.m. Friday. Kirbyville is fortunate to be undefeated thanks to Hurricane Ike which canceled the Sept. 12 meeting between the Wildcats and West Orange-Stark.

NEWTON (8-3) over FRANKLIN (8-3)—This Class 2A Division II Regional semifinal game will take place Friday at 2 p.m. in Crosby. The Eagles appear to be peaking after suffering some losses earlier in the season.

BEAUMONT CENTRAL (8-3) over ANGLETON (9-3)—Any mistake may prove fatal to one of these Class 4A Division II Regional semifinal teams.

COLLEGE—Ball State over Western Michigan, Navy over Northern Illinois (both Tues.); Texas over Texas A&M (Thurs.), Pittsburgh over West Virginia, Miami, O. over Ohio, Ole Miss over Mississippi State, Akron over Temple, East Carolina over UTEP, Central Michigan over Eastern Michigan, Buffalo over Kent State, LSU over Arkansas, Bowling Green over Toledo, Nebraska over Colorado, Boise State over Fresno State, Arizona State over UCLA (all Fri.), North Carolina State over Miami, Wake Forest over Vanderbilt, Boston College over Maryland, Virginia Tech over Virginia, North Carolina over Duke, Cincinnati over Syracuse, Texas Tech over Baylor, Memphis over Tulane, Louisiana Tech over Nevada, Rice over Houston, Utah State over New Mexico State, Southern Mississippi over SMU, Missouri over Kansas, Oklahoma over Oklahoma State, Georgia over Georgia Tech, Tulsa over Marshall, Alabama over Auburn, Florida State over Florida, Tennessee over Kentucky, Central Florida over UAB, Oregon State over Oregon, Clemson over South Carolina, USC over Notre Dame, Hawaii over Washington State, Arkansas State over North Texas, Florida Atlantic over Florida International.

PRO PICKS—Tennessee over Detroit, Dallas over Seattle, Arizona over Philadelphia (all Thurs.), NY Jets over Denver, Buffalo over San Francisco, Tampa Bay over New Orleans, Green Bay over Carolina, NY Giants over Washington, Miami over St. Louis, Baltimore over Cincinnati, Indianapolis over Cleveland, San Diego over Atlanta, New England over Pittsburgh, Oakland over Kansas City, Minnesota over Chicago, Houston over Jacksonville (Monday Night).