The line forms here for the weatherman fan club, I am now a devoted follower of those folks who for whatever reason decided to let us have some real winter weather. The last few fronts that have blown into Texas sent hunting season into overdrive. All those folks who have begged and pleaded for temperatures to drop out of short sleeve weather finally have gotten their wish and in a big way. On one recent hunt just before a front was miserable, especially if you were like me and trying to decoy geese into a rag spread. At shooting light it was a miserable 75 degrees and clear, all I could see was the cloud of mosquitoes that were enjoying my knuckles and some stars that were just about to disappear as the sun came up.

Obviously the geese just tormented us as they circled the spread in the near calm winds and just kept going off to safer locations.

Everyone in the spread was about to pull their hair out as wave after wave of snows and specks continued to just stay far enough out of shooting range. Finally the winds began to pick up and like magic the geese decided to play ball, we began to get some birds to really come into the spread and the shooting got hot. All we could think about as lunch time rolled around was that the weather change was really going to help us, boy were we right. Around noon the front hit and the show was awesome to say the least, I have never seen wind switch directions so fast and the temperatures so rapidly. In less than an hour the temps dropped noticeably and the wind went from south to nearly dead north as we all scrambled to put on more clothes and chase our decoys all over the prairie. Once the weather turned the geese just lost their minds, birds that were finicky at first now appeared to have lost all sense of reason as they came in low and slow. It was an amazing day in the field all the way around.

Now the weather has also been good to the deer hunters as the colder weather has put the deer on the move. Rutting activity in our part of the state has been good and some really nice deer have been taken in the last week to 10 days. I have had reports of some large  bucks taken north of Toledo Bend as well as some 130 to 140 class deer coming from Newton County. Obviously the hill country hunters are enjoying good hunts as the populations of deer out there are nearly as high as the people who live out that way.

So far this season has been a memorable one for many folks; I can honestly say I have never had so many people share their stories with me. The best thing for me has been the amount of young hunters who have had success or who have just been introduced to the outdoors by someone from their family or a friend. The numbers of young hunters appear to be on the rise and that is truly a great thing because without the young hunters there won’t be anyone left to continue the sport and tradition. I have seen a ton of really young hunters heading out to the deer stands and duck blinds this year and they all have one thing in common, a huge smile on their faces almost as big as the one on the adults faces who are bringing them along. If the December weather continues to cooperate I am sure there will be plenty more smiles to go around for everyone.

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