Faye Sherwood is ready to pass her FEMA trailer on to the next person who needs it. Her brother, Dale Morris, from Kirbyville called the Federal Emergency Management Agency Wednesday and told them to come get their “temporary housing.” 

As with the length of time it took to get trailers in the area, it will take some time to remove them too.

“There are procedures,” said Sandra Morris, Dale’s wife. “They have to fill out a work order first and it has to go through the proper channels before the trailer can be removed.”

The couple moved Sherwood back into her home of 50 years after completing all the repairs last week. Since they did the work themselves with the help of a group called Disaster Recovery, they were able to repair and remodel the home for $20,000, compared to some of the prices being charged to area residents for Ike repairs. 

That included the furniture too.

“I was overwhelmed at first,” said Sandra. “I thought, oh, what are we going to do?”

“I called the Methodist church in Beaumont to see if we could get some help,” she said.

Through Wesley United Methodist Church she reached a group that was called Rita Recovery and has since changed its name to Disaster Recovery.

“They sent some guys from California. They put the roof on and put the sheetrock up and we did the rest.”

“The just come down here and volunteer,” said Dale. “I don’t think people knew much about them, but when we got them here…they’ve got a lot of jobs now.”

“They pay their own way, their own airfare,” Sandra said.

Dale, with the help of the church members, did most of the construction, while Sandra did most of the painting and decorating.

They opened the wall between the living room and kitchen to enlarge the living area of the modest 1,000 square foot home.

All but one of the appliances, the furniture, TVs, and home décor was purchased at a small store they found in Buna called Keeler’s located at 269 Highway 62, across from Community Bank.  

“A-1 quality stuff is all I can say,” said Dale.

They were on their way to Lowe’s looking for a washer and dryer, when Dale said, “Why don’t we look in here? We found what we wanted,” he said, “and for the right price.”

They said the woman that owned the store, Ms. Shepherd, was so nice and helpful. 

“Take your check book with you,” said Dale. He claims she has everything you could possibly want.

They even bought the linoleum flooring there.

When Sherwood moved in, it was not only to a virtually new house with new furniture, it was fully decorated for the holidays, too.

“It felt like Extreme Make Over” Ike Edition, said Sandra. “Like when they say, ‘Bus driver, move that bus,’ we want to say FEMA, move that trailer!”

“I couldn’t have done this, I don’t know where I would be, just sitting here holding my hands I guess if it hadn’t been for Dale and Sandra,” said Sherwood. “I’ve been so blessed. We’ve had a lot of help, but Dale and Sandra have been here every day.”

“It’s been a journey, but it’s been a good one,” said Sandra.

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