Following Hurricane Ike, Catholic Charities’ Disaster Response Program provided emergency relief at four community resource sites, which served about 10,000 families in need. After the closing of those sites, Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas began to contact people reported in need of assistance. Because of these contacts, it was determined that there is great need to provide case management services to the devastated families with particular attention to low-income, single parent, elderly, and / or disabled individuals.

As a response to that need, the Meadows Foundation has awarded Catholic Charities a $65,000 grant to assist in funding the case managers needed to address the long term recovery efforts. The Meadows Foundation is among the most recognized private philanthropies in the country. It has received numerous awards for both its philanthropy and its management. 

Catholic Charities intends to establish two case management teams to service those communities to the west and to the east of their centralized location. As a result of 2005 Hurricane season, Catholic Charities assisted families in recovery which lasted until April of 2008. Catholic Charities has committed to investing in the Southeast Texas community following Ike. This storm has left Southeast Texas with a different type of devastation than the 2005 Hurricanes.

These differences are recognized by the vast geographical location needing assistance, the severity of damages to homes, and the financial, emotional and physical impact of having two major hurricanes hit the same region in under three years. 

To financially assist Catholic Charities, or for more information, call 924-4400.

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