To: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and Elves
The North Pole

Dear Santa:

My name is Stephen.
I live in on Arthur Drive in Bridge City, Texas.
I know you are very busy.
I hope you bring good presents this year.
Please tell Rudolph and the other reindeer I said hello.
Tell Mrs. Claus I said Hi.
For Christmas, I would like a house.
We don’t have one now.
The water came up real bad, and we had to get on the roof.
The gators and snakes came by. We didn’t like them.
They were very bad this year!
I hear Mommy and Daddy talk about Ike.
I hear bad words about FEMA and something called insurance.
They say we can’t get a home, because FEMA is bad.
Santa, I know you’re at the North Pole and a long way away.
But your elves can work magic, and Rudolph can bring them here.
Please get my parents and baby sister a house.
And Santa, maybe you can bring a house to all the people in Bridge City who need one.

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