“Can you repeat that?” said Wendy Hebert when she received the phone call from Mike Allison, president of the Cardinal Athletic Booster Club. She was in a mild state of shock at the news her ticket was drawn in the booster club’s golf cart raffle.

“I gotta go,” she told coworkers at Bell Fence in Beaumont as she flew out the door to pick up her prize.

“Are you coming back, today?” they asked.

“I don’t know,” she said.

Her husband, Nathan Hebert met her at Bridge City High School to pick up the keys to the red and white custom golf cart valued at $5,800.

Hebert, who is from Hamshire-Fannett may not have bought a ticket, but when she came to the BC versus HF football game in Bridge City. “It was a cold night, I remember. We lost,” she said. 

She was not charged an admission fee that night. Since it didn’t cost her anything to get in the game, she bought six $10 tickets for the raffle, then thought no more about it until she got the call.

“This is one of those things you win, that you’ve always wanted, but never would buy,” said Hebert.

BCHS freshman Brittany Hickman sold $996 worth of tickets. Not only did she receive $300 from the booster club for selling the most, she also received the privilege of drawing the winning ticket.

Hebert is also giving Hickman $250 cash for drawing her name.

The freshman will use the money to buy a dress for the Christmas dance.

Allison wanted to thank Autos and More for giving the booster club a great deal on a golf cart for the second year in a row.

“Last year it was silver and blue. A guy from West Orange-Stark won it, so this year we made it red, white and black,” he said.

The golf cart raffles have been a big enough success that the booster club will continue to have them each year.

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