Newly published author, Denise McCorkle, of Bridge City, releases her first children’s book in time for Christmas.

‘On Angels Wings-Baseball’ features a young angle named Chelsey. After a fast game of softball, she enjoys walking through the woods, visiting with all her woodland friends.

Heaven is a joyful place where skies are blue and fruit and treats are plentiful. There is no trash or litter and everyone gets along.

My guess is the reader age range would be around eight or nine years old. It is too complicated for a beginning reader, but the book could be read to them.

When not writing, McCorkle enjoys spending time with her husband, three daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren, who are all characters in the series of books.

Filled with colorful illustrations by Victor Guiza, the book is planned as the first in a series of seven, all involving  a sports theme. Book two is titled On Angels Wings-Basketball.

The 29 pages of ‘On Angels Wings-Softball’ was published by Outskirts Press in Denver, Colo. and is available at and Barnes& for $17.95

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