Shane Young brought hot bulls to the Thunder on Hooves series Friday night. Sixteen of the 19 riders bit the dust and the bulls put the arena personnel on the fences. The night started strong and just got better as the night went on.

 Friday night brought out the strongest pen of bulls in this series. Shane Young went to his pen of SYJ bulls and loaded bulls that were hard to ride and at times hard to get out of the arena.

 Wacey Manuel was first out. Manuel hung on for the required eight seconds and earned 68 points. That would be enough to earn him third and $210. His bull was big and mean.

 The buzzer signaled the end of the ride but the bull did not want to leave the arena. It took several minutes to get the bull headed toward the exit gate and a few more minutes to get him out of the gate. That would set the pace for the night.

 Tim Murphy, the second rider had another bad bull. Murphy’s bull tossed him off short of the eight second buzzer.

 The bull then toured the pen putting anyone within his view on the fence. He even charged the fences a few times. He was a big bull with a mean attitude.

 Pickup Man Chipper Nance came into the arena on “Boar Hog,” his strong horse. After a few charges by the bull and good moves by Boar Hog, Nance got a rope on the bull and pulled him to the exit gate. It would be the first of several times that Nance and Boar Hog would be working bad bulls.

 No other riders covered their bulls until Matt Posey in the number nine slot covered and made an impressive 79 point ride. That good ride earned him first place and $525.

 The only other rider that made the eight-second buzzer was Danny Dugas.

 Dugas’ bull came out of the chute with his hind end so high in the air his hooves were higher than the chute gate. Dugas hung on and stayed in control. His score was a respectable 71 points and put $315 in his pocket. The action was fast and furious with the majority of the bulls not wanting to leave the arena when their ride was over.

 Bullfighters, Guy Roveria, Bubba Taggart and Kyle Copeland got a workout protection the cowboy and jumping the fences. Nance and Boar Hog worked all night. Boar Hog’s agility was out to the test several times to keep him away from head-butts by mean bulls.

 Nance gave a good demonstration of how a good pickup man works.

 For all around entertainment it was the best night so far in the series.

 There are two sessions left in the series and the points are close. First place will not be determined until the last night if things continue at the pace set thus far.

 Tina Cotton is putting $2000 into the finals, making “Thunder on Hooves” one of the highest paying finals in the area. The Broken Arrow buckle, designed by Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto is the most unique of all the series. This buckle in unusual in that it has three colors worked in the design.

 The series is continuing to attract good riders and SYJ Productions is continually bringing in bulls to challenge the riders ability to hang on for eight seconds.

 The series concludes Jan 23.