The following officials will take office to serve Orange County in January, according to the office of Orange County Elections Administrator Tina Leverett:

• Keith Merritt, sheriff – Merritt has served with various law agencies in investigations and drug education. He leaves the Precinct 1 constable’s position after many years. He replaces Mike White.

• David Dubose, commissioner, Precinct 1 – Dubose is a pharmacist by profession and has been owner and consultant for Sholar’s drug store. He replaces James Stringer.

• Herschel “Chris” Humble, constable, Precinct 1 – Humble has served with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and as school officer for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district. He replaces Merritt.

• Robert “Rob” Strause, constable, Precinct 2 – Strause has served with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, among others. He replaces Dee Aven, who was appointed following the death of Parker Thompson and the temporary appointment of Jerry Hussey, who resigned for health reasons.

• Mark Philpott, constable, Precinct 3 – Philpott has served as a courthouse bailiff and Bridge City city councilman. He replaces the retiring John Ford.

The following officials were re-elected to their offices:

John Kimbrough, county attorney – Kimbrough previously served as an assistant district attorney.

John Dubose, commissioner, Precinct 3 – Dubose is a certified public accountant by professional and serves with the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission.

Weldon Peveto, constable, Precinct 4: Peveto served under several sheriff’s administrations before being elected constable.

Gary Troy Johnson, judge, County Court at Law No. 2 — Johnson is a former assistant district attorney.

Lynda Gunstream, county tax assessor / collector — Gunstream has served in the office since 1997.