By Becky Roedahl

This Christmas will not be the same.
A lot has been lost.
All that once was known to us, is now gone.
Some had to move, many, had to give up things.
But I can say this, “don’t lose faith.”
God is still and has been in control
We shouldn’t look at things lost…but “gained.”
We gained helping one another.
We gained a new start.
And we gained a second chance.
God has given us his only Son;
Whom we should become more like.
Just like he did,
we should walk on water.
A storm struck
He raised His hand against it,
and it came to a stop!
Through others, many were fed
When He searched for the lost,
Many were rescued
We can’t look at what was lost
We must “renew”
Not just our earthly homes,
But also our spiritual homes.
We must cleanse our minds.
Even though we don’t understand,
His ways are higher than our original plan.
What we think we’re to do,
Might not be what HE wants.
Not everything will go our way.
We must keep seeking and praying.
Doing what we are called to do,
Until He comes back one day.
If you don’t have a relationship with Christ,
It’s never too late! …as long as you still have breath in you.