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The Record is proud to announce our 2008 All-Orange County Football Team celebrating the outstanding performances of local athletes. No doubt, that after a tremendous season and 19th playoff appearance for West Orange-Stark Head Coach Dan Hooks,  the Mustangs earned a large share of the honors. The 2008 team, however, is rounded out with recipients from every team in the county.

The Record hands off the biggest award, the 2008 All-Orange County Most Valuable Player, to Ortavious Hypolite, senior quarterback for the WO-S Mustangs. Hypolite passed for 1,469 yards completing 94-165 passes for 15 touchdowns. He also rambled for 810 yards for 12 touchdowns on 134 carries.
With Hypolite in the Mustang backfield was Quintavious Garrett, 2008 All-Orange County Offensive MVP. Garrett struck like lightening in the start of the season churning out 317 yards against the Nederland Bulldogs, a school record. He carried that momentum through Dist 21-3A and into the playoffs. Garrett rushed 22 times for 216 yards and two touchdowns that gave the Mustangs a three-touchdown lead in their 37-7 Class 3A Division II area round victory against Caldwell. He earned his spot at MVP.
It is probably no surprise that Mustang defensive back Kevin Robinson would become the All-Orange County Most Valuable Player on defense. Robinson has already garnered All-State honors for the season. He led the Mustangs with 104 tackles in the famous ‘Chain Gang’ defense that allowed opponents an average of less than 150 yards rushing and passing per game.
In 2008 Mustang head coach Dan Hooks completed his 28th season that included his 19th trip to the playoffs and 16th district championship. The Mustangs carried a 29 game district winning streak into the playoffs. Hooks got his 261 win against Caldwell in the area round this season before the ‘Stangs’ fell to Gilmer 35-23 in the Region III playoffs. Appropriately, Coach Dan Hooks is The Record’s All-Orange County ‘Coach of the Year’.
It is rare to find a freshman runningback in the starting lineup but Bridge City Cardinal Matt Menard earned a lot of respect there. After the injury of Joseph Robertson, Menard was moved up to the backfield. With Robertson pushing him on, Menard rushed for 537 yards and 85 carries that included four touchdowns. The Cardinal freshman is entitled to the honor of All-Orange County ‘Newcomer of the Year.’ His mentor, Robertson, remained a captain and a team leader for Big Red that finished the season 4-4. Robertson gets the 2008 All-Orange County ‘Team Leadership Award.”
The Record Newspapers and TheRecordLive.com present to you the 2008 All-Orange County Football Team.

All-Orange County
Most Valuable Player
Ortavious Hypolite
West Orange-Stark Mustangs

All-Orange County
Quintavious Garrett,
West Orange-Stark Mustangs

All-Orange County
Kevin Robinson
West Orange-Stark Mustangs

All-Orange County
Newcomer of the Year
Freshman Matt Menard
Bridge City Cardinals

All-Orange County
Coach of the Year
Dan Hooks
West Orange-Stark Mustangs

All-Orange County
Spirit Award
Joseph Robertson
Bridge City Cardinals

All-Orange County First Team Offense:

Chris Teinert, Vidor, Sr.


Theron Reynolds, Vidor
Shane Pittman, Vidor
Chase Parker, O’field, Sr.

Utility Player: Hunter Gonzales, LC-M, Soph.  (QB/DB)


Trey Franks, WO-S, Jr.
James Haynes, WO-S, Jr.
Jerry Landry, BC, Sr.
Dustin Breaux, BC, Sr.

Kendall Veitch, WO-S, Sr.

Offensive Line:

Eric Arnold, WOS, Sr.
Van Jordan, WO-S, Jr.
Colby Martin, BC, Sr.
Hunter Aucoin, BC, Sr.
Kendrick Hebert, WOS, Sr.

Justin Sparrow, WOS, Jr.

All-Orange County First Team Defense:

Nose Guard:
Terry Rubin, WO-S, Jr.

Defensive Line:

Stephen Cook, Jr., WO-S
Blake Hubbard, BC, Sr.
Terry Rubin, WO-S, Jr.
Josh Riggs, WOS, Sr.

Line Backers:

Josh Lynch, WO-S, Sr.
Robert Jiles, WO-S, Sr.
Curtis Rose, WO-S, Sr.
Michael Seal, BC, Sr.

Defensive Backs:

Trey Franks, WO-S, Jr.
Josh Gloston, WO-S, Sr.
Zach Heinz, BC, Jr.
Derek Evans, O’field, Sr.

Punter: Wesley Wiggins, O’Field, Sr.        

All-Orange County Second Team Offense:

QB: Josh Lemoine, BC. Jr.
RB: Zack Peevey, O’field, Sr.
RB: Jacob Peevey, Vidor, Sr.
REC: Cory Mosely, BC, Sr.
C: Blake Snyder, BC, Sr.
OL: A.J. Mazzola, BC, Sr.
OL: Josh Trouille, BC, Sr.
OL: Michael Coleman, BC, Sr.
OL: Tyler Whitmire, OF, Jr.
WR: Samual Burton, LCM
WR: Luke Rhodes, BC, Jr.
Kicker: Devin Bertrand, BC, Soph.

All-Orange County Second Team Defense:

LB: Josh Juneau, O’field, Sr.
LB: Scott Romero, BC, Sr.
DL: Micah Ivy, BC, Sr.
DL: Tim Sharp, BC, Sr.
DL: James Burns, Vidor, Sr.
DL: Clay Dunn, LCM
DB: Micah Ellender, BC, Sr.
DB: James Haynes, WOS
DB: Carlos Cardenas. O’field, Sr.
DB: Chris Sanchez, BC, Sr.
DB: Jared Raggio, BC, Sr.