Well, this morning I am embarking on the second column of the New Year. If I get this one behind me there will be only fifty more to go before 2010 rolls around. Just 10 years ago, which has flown by, we were anticipating Y2K. As a youngster I wished often that I would live to see the century change to the year 2000. I never would have dreamed I would live nine years beyond Y2K and shooting for 10. You have to realize that when I was a teenager the life expectantly was 50 years. It stayed at 56 years to 62 years a long time. Now I’m at the life expectancy of a male. I hear women talk of 50 being the new 40. I’m banking on 70 being the new 60 so I can rob time for another 10 years bringing me to 85. By then it will be the new 75 and I can look for another ten, that would bring me to 95. All that depends on the theory that 50 continues to be the “New” 40. If you’re confused, read it back slowly. *****We’re still at our borrowed quarters at Harmon’s Pre-owned Cars on Henrietta Street in Orange. We hope to be headed back to the Creaux’s Nest before too long before we wear our welcome out. We really enjoy it here even though I miss not having our bird Creaux. It’s never a dull moment around here with our neighbors Corky, Don and Donnie, along with Glenn Oliver who is always an interesting, knowledgeable person. Ray Craven and his pooch are always early morning visitors, Howard Fisher brings doughnuts and has a lot of knowledge about area folks and old timers. Clarence “Cornbread” Yarbourgh and the famous Eddie Sutton, drivers for transferred cars, are morning visitors and Preston Fuller drops by; he always has a story to tell. Neighbor Cox says we need to get back to the Bucket Farm before spring planting. My old spool table is gone from under the Hackberry tree so I’m looking for another spool. Well, I’d best quit visiting and go to work. Come along; it won’t do you no harm.


Some local doctors are calling the hacking cough experienced by so many people lately as “The Ike Cough.” I have a fool-proof remedy for all coughs. It works 100 percent of the time although the scientists who discovered it aren’t sure why. To stop nighttime coughing in a child or adult put Vicks Vapo Rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime then cover with socks. Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about five minutes and stay stopped for hours. It beats even strong prescription cough medicine. For years, some of us have used Vicks for everything from chapped lips to sore toes and other body parts in-between. A doctor lecturing on essential oils said the soles of the feet could absorb oils. For example, put garlic on your feet and within 20 minutes you can taste it. I tried it and you can really taste it. Now I know why when as a boy running through pastures barefooted my mouth had the taste of cow patties. I was stepping in. No kidding, if you have a cough problem it’s easily solved with Vicks on the soles of your feet.

35 Years Ago-1974

If you started out on your on at 20 years old in 1974 chances are today you would be a grandparent looking to retire in a few years. Let’s see who was doing that 35 years ago. Gordon Baxter wrote about Village Creek. “C’mon creeks! Eleven floods in 12 months and it used to be every seven years.” Gordon celebrated his birthday on Christmas.*****Liz Wickersham, an-Orange raised beauty who lives in Hawaii, was in the states over the holidays. She had a date with Joe Namath.( Editor’s note: Liz dated many famous guys including Ted Turner before settling down and marrying a New York lawyer. She was in town last for her dad Charlie’s funeral.)*****Doug Harrington sent Jimmy Conn one oyster in a pill bottle while his friends ate a gallon. Doug said he didn’t want Conn to over extend himself with his love making.*****Corky and Betty Harmon have been baby sitting with Joe and Beverly Williams’ young son while they vacationed.*****It’s said that Jewel Bearden has traded in her .38-caliber pistol in for a new .45. She says, “If I have to shoot I don’t want to miss.”*****S.P. (Pete) Dickey, 59, has announced he will be a candidate for commissioner of Pct. 2.*****Larry Bergeron is store manager at McLaury’s.*****Bonanza Sirloin Pit is offering chicken fried steak for $1.39.*****Jim Crossland is the head football coach at LC-M.

45 Years Ago
Now let’s see what was happening and who was doing what 45 years ago. *****Flashy Eddie Sutton bleeding from a gash at the mouth threw caution to the wind and hammered out a unanimous decision over Lafayette’s Seminal Foreman to win the outstanding boxer’s award at the Orange boxing tournament. Other Orange boxers were Gary McCamey, Ken Ballard, Oscar Dominquez and Larry Carpenter.*****Attorney General Waggoner Carr to be speaker at the Orange Chamber banquet.*****Commissioners Casey Peveto and Asa Mansfield will seek re-election.*****State Representative Clyde Haynes announces for a third term.*****W.D. Bill Joyce, former Orange County ID officer is running for sheriff of Newton County.*****Lutcher Stark High football players C.E. Riggs and Frank Beauchamp were named to AAA All State Team.*****O.L. “Babe” Whitman, longtime deputy for Sheriff Chester Holts retires.*****First Savings and Loan holds formal opening. Officers are Ward Stephenson, president; Hormer Stephenson, director; Wayne Cox, vice president; Davis Cooper, vice president; Joe Powell, Walter Ebanks, Donald Cohenour and Jessie Dickerson, directors.

Like we had predicted Speaker of the State House Tom Craddick is hanging up his gavel and won’t run for a fourth term. Rep. Joe Straus, Republican from San Antonio, claims to have 84 votes, enough to elect him speaker. The Texas House is divided, 76 Republicans to 74 Democrats. Another election and the Democrats could well take over the House and elect their own speaker..*****The sheriff’s office will have an open house Friday, Jan. 9, 3 to 7 p.m. The public is invited and refreshments will be served.*****The bodies at Hollywood Cemetery haven’t been rebuired because the grounds are still just too wet. The remains of Gatemouth Brown were also washed up by Hurricane Ike. The Orange musician was known around the world. Before the storm a move was on to raise money for a permanent marker. The Hospice organization is furnishing the funds for reburial when the weather gets better. *****Celebrity birthdays: On Jan. 7, Katie Couric turns 52, Jan. 10; Rod Stewart will be 64 and George Foreman, 60.*****REWARD: Dale and Linda “Granny” Newton are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their dog Sugar, a yorkie and a momma with young pups. She has been missing from 325 Hebert St. in Bridge City since Dec. 29. If you know the whereabouts of this loyal and missed friend please call 313-6496 or 659-5986. Remember there is a $500 reward for her safe return.*****I don’t know where the rumor started but for several days now we have been hearing that Bridge City would hire a new police chief Tuesday night. That never was the intent of the council. They were just being brought up-to-date by City Manager Jerry Jones. Forty-two applicants for the chief’s job have been received.*****A new city councilman, however, will be selected to replace Mark Phillpott on the council.*****Former National Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe intends to run for governor of Virginia.*****”Dancing” with the Stars couple Marksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Sminnoff are now engaged. The professional dancers have been dating a few months and are now on the “Dancing with the Stars” tour.*****An NBC-Wall Street poll finds that President George Bush has an 18 percent approval rating. The Bush-Cheney gang is leaving the country in economic shambles. There are those Neocons who are already criticizing Obama, Nancy and the new incoming administration before the Democrats even start cleaning up the mess left behind. The truth is that politically being a Republican in Washington will be very insignificant. They will try to convince the folks in their districts about the important committees they sit on but sitting there is all it will amount to. *****It’s hard for me to concentrate after being visited by Judge Pat, Johnny Montagne and “Buckshot” Winfree all at the same time while getting a phone call from David Peck. Yesterday it was Wilson Roberts who popped in. I’d rather visit than work, so anytime I have a choice of being around those great guys I say the hell with work. Don’t blame me alone for this less than great column.*****I believe the Obama forces are pushing Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary as senator from New York. I think the move was on to block the nomination of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s choice for the senate. Caroline, other than using her maiden name as qualifications, has no qualifications. I believe the people of New York will favor Cuomo and that might trump Obama’s support with the governor of New York.***** I’m looking forward to a great story by Robert Hankins about J.B. Arrington, 84, one of our remaining colorful characters. J.B.’s jokes always add interest to his wonderful stories. Also, I understand the first part of Leroy Perego’s interesting story will start this week. Penny has discovered two different school groups at West Orange-Stark and Orangefield who will fly to Obama’s inauguration. Read for details.*****I would expect CNN’s medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta to be named the country’s next surgeon general. The popular Gupta, current host of “House Call” on CNN, is also a correspondent for CBS.*****Texas beat Ohio State 24-21 with a last 16 second touchdown Thursday night. Oklahoma will play Florida in the national championship game Thursday. If Florida wins, who should be the national champions? One of our favorite people, Orange Police Chief Sam Kittell, will speak to the “Sisters in Crime” group in Austin on Sunday, Jan. 11. Sam’s topic will be “CSI Mayberry, Big City Policing in Small Town America.” *****One of our favorite young guys Collin Slade “Billy Jack” Gros turns 14 on Jan. 10. This kid will do to ride the range with and I just want to wish him a great day. He’s more like his “MeMe” Ms. Phyl than “Poppa” Roy and that’s a good thing.*****A reminder, don’t forget you have less than a week, Jan. 12, to apply for FEMA or SBA assistance. And condolences to Lynda Gunstream and her loved ones on the loss of her father. See our obituary this issue.

Your car stereo cost more than the car. *****If you say you’re a student because you’re always at defensive driving. *****If your family reunion is sponsored by a beer company. *****If your wedding dress was an animal print. *****You’re saving up to “gravel” your driveway, because it’s better than shell. *****If the only time you ever used condoms was as balloons. *****Yes, you might be a redneck if you wear lingerie to the gynecology office.

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Pastor Oris Gaspard’s wife, Mary Ann, was expecting a baby so he stood before the congregation and axed dem for a raise. Dey agree dem dat wenever da preacher’s family expanded so would his paycheck. After Pastor Gaspard and Mary Ann dem had six chiluns it started to get expensive so da congregation decided to hold anutter meeting to discuss da preacher’s expanding salary.
A great deal of yelling and bickering went on as to how much Pastor Gaspard’s additional chiluns wre costing da church and how much more it could cost dem. After listening to dem for about an hour, Pastor Gaspard got up from his chair and spoke. “My friends, chiluns are a gift from God and we will take as many gifts as he gives us.” Rev. Gaspard had made his point. Silence fell on da congregation.
In da back pew Maude DeBlanc, a little old lady, struggled to stand and finally said in her frail voice, “Rain is also a gift from God but wen we get too much of it we wear rubber boots.”
Da congregation said, “Amen Sister.”

Well, our buddy Cal is back in St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston. He was transferred from St. Elizabeth’s on Monday and was undergoing more tests, MRIs etc. on Tuesday. Betty Lou said he hasn’t run temperature for a few days and the doctors believe they have the fungus in the blood problem under control. It’s been over four months since he’s had anything to eat or drink but his spirits were still high and he’s still counting on someday coming home to meet with the Lunch Bunch. First he will have to undergo his 10th surgery. What a fighter.*****As for me, I’ve had it for this week. Two publications close together is too much work with too little pay for this old guy.***** Thanks for your time. Remember if you trade with one of our advertisers let them know we sent you. If you trade with someone who doesn’t advertise with us, please tell them they should because everybody reads The Record and gets good results. Read us cover to cover, take care and God bless.