With more people reaching the age of retirement, problems like patient abuse are bound to become more prevalent. When considering a nursing home I would suggest the following: 

 1. Interview the administration and go through their preview of the facility.

 2. Return on the 3-11 shift and see how many employees they have, if the doors are locked, and what the atmosphere is like.

 3. Talk to some of the employees on the 3-11 shift and get their opinions of the administration.

 4. Check the nusing home facility through the local courthouse records to determine how many lawsuits they have had and the nature.

 5. Check with the State Board to determine if the facility is properly licensed and what type of disiplinary action they have on record.

 6. Check the facility and doctors ratings through the website www.healthgrades.com

 7. Conduct an “address survey” through the local police department. Give them the address of the facility and request a list of all police calls associated with the address for the past year.

 You will quickly determine what really goes on in the facility. Even after you take all of these precautions, abuse may still occur to a patient. However, you will at least have made an informed decision that will give you and your family piece of mind. I hope this information is helpful.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact Suzanne Garcia at scdgar17@yahoo.com 

 Suzanne Garcia is a private investigator and owner of Garcia’s Investigations.                                                               

About Suzanne Garcia

Suzanne Garcia is a private investigator and owner of Garcia's Investigations