Thunder on Hooves at the Texas Longhorn ended in a big way with 11 riders giving their best efforts to win the buckle and the big bucks. Going into the last session of the bull riding Dawson McKee was second place by only one point. All he needed was to make eight seconds with a decent score and he could go home the winner.

Unfortunately McKee would not last his eight. 

He drew a good bull and made a good ride for about seven seconds.

It looked like McKee was going to cover his bull, but something went wrong and he went off. The disappointment was evident as he walked out of the arena. The win could go to nearly anyone with McKee out of the running. It would take five more riders before one rider would make eight on his bull and score. 

Dugas drew a white-faced black bull with a whole lot of buck in him. The bull came out hard and put his hind quarters in the air and gave a hard kick, came down hard on the front hooves and rose up like he had hit a trampoline. In spite of fast moves and hard bucks Dugas held on and heard the buzzer. Judges Dickie Richards and Cody Custer got their heads together and scored Dugas 77 points.

That turned out to be the high score of the night and would send Dugas home with $1180 and the Broken Arrow buckle for the series champion. Eddie Garcia was the next rider. Garcia was the leader going into this last round. His ride was average on an average bull. He made the eight but the score of 68 would only give him fourth. With the number of riders for the night and the number of covered rides there would only be three places earning money.

Garcia, the former leader would go home with empty pockets. Josh Durant had ridden the second bull of the night. That bull had “hipped hisself” coming out of the chute. The bull had made a bad move and his right hip had hit the side of the gate as he came out of the chute. The bad move by the bull earned Durant a reride. On his second ride, in the number nine slot, Durant would cover and earn 70 points. The score gave Durant third place for the night and $472 to take home. 

Dillon Delaney followed Durant. His draw was one of the biggest bulls of the night. The white bull with black speckles blew out of the chute hard, fast and meaning business. He had high kicks and spins and used every trick in his “dirty moves book” to throw Delaney off of his back. When the buzzer buzzed Delaney was still aboard. His getoff was a little clumsy, but bullfighters Kyle Copeland and Bubba Taggart were there to keep the bull distracted and allow Delaney to get his footing and get gone. Delaney earned 76 points and second place. He put $708 in his pocket and went home happy. Even though McKee, Joey Bergeron, Jacob Constance, Timothy Faul, Wacey Manuel, and Nathan Dupry went home with no scores and no money every ride this night was a good one and all the riders were making plans to be back in two weeks when the winter series starts. Feb. 6 will be the first session of the “Longhorn Bull Bash.” It will start a series that will run until the third weekend of April. There will be $250 added to each session with another lump sum added the final night. Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto is working on another one of a kind design for the next buckle. Bull riding at the Texas Longhorn is always the best around. The Longhorn arena allows you to get so close to the action you will occasionally get a little dirt kicked on you. On Feb. 15 there will be a benefit riding event. There will be slots for as many as 100 bull riders. A live band is booked and there will be some of the barbecue the Longhorn is famous for. Details will be forthcoming. Make your plans to be there and support a family that has had a little hard luck.