John J. Baker said even Hurricane Ike couldn’t keep him from attending the inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States.

The Bridge City resident is in the process of re-building his home after the hurricane, but took time to witness this historical event. 

Once back in the warmth of his hotel room he penned a letter to his union brothers and sisters back home. An except from that letter follow:

“I was able to get within one block of the capitol and a great view of the proceedings. The crowd was electrifying, amicable, and relieved that our conservative nightmare is over.

“Without a doubt today was and still is the most remarkable day in US history. Today “WE THE PEOPLE “is back. The atmosphere of the crowd was intoxicating. The Joy, the jubilation, was unparallel in our great nation’s history. Today is the day that the tyranny of the conservative movement is dead and working men and women can breathe a sigh of relief that the American labor movement, hopefully will flourish!

“Our work is cut out for us. We have an economy that is still faltering, we are still being held hostage by the big oil companies and their suppliers, so many of us are victims to unresponsive government agencies such as FEMA, and we are still mired in a war that seems to have no end. With all of this gloom and doom Barack Obama offers us hope. We know that our problems will not be solved over night; they will not be solved in a month. It will take time, but “We the people” will prevail.”