Marriage License Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of Jan. 20, 2009 thru Jan 23, 2009

Howard J. Harrington Jr. and Terry L. Pointe
Derrick L. Allison and Rebecca L. Gaspard
Shane L. Forsythe and Shana L. Fulmer
Joseph W. Chandler Jr. and Jammie L. Shutts
Ryan P. Rothenberger and Kira M. Holst
Terry M. McDonald and Sherrie L. McDonald
Jeffry A. Veitch Jr. and Jodi G. Veitch
Blaine C. Gordy and Jodi S. Meaux
Stephen W. Taylor and Johonnia L. Ticknor
Jacob M. Johnson and Sally Hill
Charles R. Powell III and Anita A. Tinsley