Public school districts in Orange County could have an additional $10,267,600 over a two-year period to spend, according to Strategic Partnerships, Inc., (SPI) an Austin-based research and procurement consulting firm. The totals quoted are part of the $825 billion economic stimulus package currently being considered by the U.S. Congress. The House Appropriations Committee Wednesday reported its economic stimulus bill out of committee and the bill will now go to the House floor for debate.

“This is good news for schools, good news for the economy and good news for companies that sell to government,” said Mary Scott Nabers, president and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. “Not only will the federal economic stimulus funding provide Texas schools with some much-needed additional funding for facilities, programs and technology, but it will also open up additional contracting opportunities for local businesses to sell their goods and services to school districts – providing a much-needed boost to local economies.”

The funding is aimed at improving public school classrooms, laboratories and libraries for students across the nation and is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan aimed at providing increased educational opportunities for school students, creating jobs and moving the nation’s economy forward. Toward that goal, an estimated $41 billion in funds could be pushed to local school districts nationwide. That includes $13 billion each for both Title I and IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) programs, both of which are based on formula funding and address high poverty schools and special needs students respectively. 

Another $14 billion is estimated to be allocated for school modernization and repairs and an estimated $1 billion could be allocated for education technology.

“Although these figures are not yet firm,” said Nabers, “President Obama has said he intends to move swiftly on the economic stimulus package, as every day it is delayed, thousands of Americans lose their jobs. These millions of dollars estimated to be headed to local school districts in Texas will not only supplement school coffers, but also provide contracting opportunities that can put local workers back to work.”

A breakdown of how much it is estimated that Orange County public schools will receive over two years from the House version of the Economic Recovery Package follows:

Bridge City ISD – $1,106,200
Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD – $1,561,800
Orangefield ISD – $599,600
Vidor ISD – $3,106,500
West Orange-Cove CISD – $3,893,500

For a statewide look at estimated funding for all school districts in Texas, click here: