The entire community was saddened by the death of Shane Dronett, a local youngster who had brought a lot of recognition to our community through his football talent. The University of Texas All-American and NFL football great was always quick to tell anyone that Bridge City was home and where he played his high school football. Shane and Steve Worster are the two most natural football players at their respected positions to come out of the area. Both were All-Americans.
My first thoughts turned to his mother, Candy. She had visited with us many times about Shane, her only child. Our condolences to his wife Christine and daughters Berkley and Hayley and the entire family and his many friends. Shane’s number at Bridge City had been retired several years and hangs in the school foyer alongside Worster, Jason Mathews and Matt Bryant’s numbers. *****The weatherman tells us we can expect cold, raw winter weather. The older I get, the less I like the cold. Outside of duck hunting and I’m not mad at no ducks, I don’t know one good thing about cold weather. I’m headed to Walmart to buy a pair of long handles as soon as I’m done here so I’d best get started. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Former Rick Perry supporters, baseball great Nolan Ryan and football star Roger Staubach, will join the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign for governor. Gov. Perry is expected to go back to the Karl Rove playbook, and polarize the state by playing the religious card. We will hear plenty of pro-life coming from the Perry camp. Abortion will be a major issue. Perry opposes abortion except in case of rape, Kay believes in a woman’s right to choose.
Perry was a yell captain at Texas A&M, Kay was a head cheerleader at Texas. Hutchison will not stand still while Perry does his usual negative campaigning; she will go toe-to-toe. Perry has done a flip-flop on eminent domain; a legal principle that says government knows better what to do with private land than individuals. Perry, who favored taking land from the NAFTA Super Highway, said last Thursday that he now wants the law on private property rights, passed in 2005, to become part of the state constitution.
Texas ethics commission records show lobbyists spent $12.5 million in the past four years with $3.5 million going to state senators and representatives and another $3.8 million on lawmaker’s staffs. The Houston Chronicle obtained the data under the state open record laws. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The battle for governor will be one of the hottest races in recent years. No one knows for sure yet who the democrats will run. My money says Hutchison is unstoppable.

Our longtime friend Sleepy Smith lost his wife Alice Ann, age 72, on Jan. 22. I’ll always recall, going back many years, how he and Alice wood take time to have lunch together every day. I always though how nice that was. Alice was the daughter of Bob Moses and an Orange native. She was a fine lady. *****We were also sorry to hear about the death of Linda Rose Solomon, 61, who passed away Jan. 23. To husband Richard and the family, we send our deepest sympathy.

President George W. Bush left office with the lowest rating in the history of polling. We understand that Bush family members are placing blame squarely on the shoulders of Dick Cheney for the failure of the administration. Papa Bush has taken the failure hardest. Tears come to his eyes frequently. The opportunity for son Jeb to ever become president has been diminished. We hear the Geo. W. and Cheney relationship started cooling about three months ago. I believe the biggest proof of that is Geo. W. not giving Scooter Libby a full pardon. He deserved it. Scooter took the bullet for Cheney and Karl Rove. He was just the messenger. It will be interesting to see if anything breaks on the Bush-Cheney hard feelings. We had predicted most of what went wrong with the Bush Administration from the war in the Mid-East disrupting the oil industry to raise prices to the economy going bad. When Bush was reelected, we said you ain’t seen nothing yet, it will get worse. I for one lay the blame for the Bush failure at the feet of Dick Cheney. W just wasn’t prepared to be president. Dick and Rumsfeld took advantage of his lack of knowledge. Papa Bush should shed tears, like him I believe Jeb would have been a good president, running his own show. He was qualified. Big oil made the deal that Cheney would run the show. He ran the country down while doing well for his friends. I wonder how well his blind trust did.

35 Years Ago-1979
The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce names Gus Garza Citizen of the Year. “He and his wife Angelina have made a good community great,” said past award recipient, Bridge City School Superintendent Glen Pearson, who presented the award. (Editor’s note: Gus served for nearly 30 years on the school board. He worked for Texaco as a photographer and took one of the last photos of President John F. Kennedy in Houston, the day before he was killed in Dallas.)*****Ali wins over Frazier. After the 11th round the scoring was five rounds each and a tie round. Ali won the last round and took a unanimous decision. *****Ronny Baxter, the county’s only lady attorney, is moving her practice to Beaumont. *****Jo Ann and James Brabham celebrated their first anniversary last weekend. *****Charlie Holcomb, first county court at law judge, has been named county attorney of Cherokee County. (Editor’s note: Since then, Charlie has been a district judge and a member of the highest court in Texas.)*****Tony Bramblett has proposed to pretty Debbie Newsome. They will wed this summer. (Editor’s note: This great couple is still married today.)*****Fain and Vivian Holbrook will have two mouths less to feed their daughter Pat and son Butch. Both will be married on the same day. Pat is marrying Donnie Glenn Day, Butch is taking Pattie Dean Hebert to be his bride. *****Mary Beth Dugas and Keith Certa will marry Feb. 2. ***** Charlene Trahan has filed as a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2. *****Steve McCanty, South Park’s personable young football coach, will be offered the head football coaching job replacing Chief Wilson at Bridge City. (Editor’s note: Instead Steve ended up as the first coach of West Orange-Stark after the school districts of Orange and West Orange merged.)*****Lanston Fall, six foot, 200-pound Bridge City running back, signs a letter of intent with Lamar. He was Lamar’s first recruit. He was recruited by Lamar coach Dan Ray Hooks.. *****You would never guess that 25 years ago Sharon Bearden weighed only 50 pounds. He’d gained only eight pounds per year up to 1979.

State Rep. Louis Dugas has been appointed to five legislative committees. Only one of the five met in the last session. Dugas supported Rep. Joe Burkett against Speaker Waggoner Carr in a bitter pre-session campaign for the speakership, so Dugas wasn’t in the inner circle. *****Porter Glenn Talbet graduates from LSU. *****Bridge City’s Dow Gene Anderson, fresh from a second round knockout over Bruce Hill, will be seeking his third straight welterweight championship in the Golden Gloves tournament. He has won nine straight fights by knockouts. (Editor’s note: It seems the only fight Dow ever lost was with longtime wife Ms. Charlotte. She has his number.)

Our friend Dayle Gunn had surgery last week in Houston for a detached retina. The eye was giving her discomfort Monday. Maybe it was too much partying at the Mardi Gras Ball. *****Dec. 3 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) and others. They were killed in an airplane crash. It just doesn’t seem like that was a half-century ago. *****Don’t forget the 22nd annual Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame show on Feb. 7, at the Port Arthur Civic Center. One thing you can bet on is great talent. Entertainment includes the Fabulous Boogie Kings, one of the best bands you will ever hear, Jerry LaCroix, I know of no better entertainer; the Beat Daddys and Easy who always do a great job. Also, the very best Janis Joplin act, Amber Martin, is returning by popular demand. Tickets are available at the County Record, 320 Henrietta St., Orange, across from Granger Chevrolet and The Penny Record, 335 Roundbunch, Bridge City. I’ve got my tickets. It’s a great show for the price. *****Congrats to Shon Landry, who is on the McNeese Cowboy baseball team. He was named to the 2009 pre-season All Southland Conference team. The second baseman played high school baseball at Little Cypress-Mauriceville. *****My prediction for the Super Bowl. I’m sure I’m letting my heart make my choice. The odd makers, who are seldom wrong, have Pittsburgh a 7-point favorite. I’m picking the upset; the Arizona Cardinals will win 23-17. That’s a 12-point turn around from what Vegas is saying. I believe wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, with a healthy Kurt Warner, will be the difference. *****On Jan. 29, Oprah Winfrey will turn 55. She might as well forget having a baby. What has happened to Stedman? Has he been replaced? *****Bearden says, “We all get heavier as we get older because there’s a lot more information in our head. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”*****You might be a redneck if you’ve voted for your cousin in a wet T-shirt contest. *****We just discovered that Damon Latioluis is working for Edward Jones with his uncle Tim in their Bridge City office. Damon was out beating the bushes Monday.*****Congratulations to Bridge City students at Lamar Port Arthur. Students on the president’s list who have achieved a GPA of 4.0 for the fall semester are: James Robert Frisbee, Klint Ennis Pruitt and Tiffany Meagan Starrock. On the vice president’s list, with a GPA of 3.40 to 3.99, are Morgan Ann Broussard, Joshua Michael Fields, Rudy J. Klunk, Paul Vincent Lapeyrolerie, Jr. and David Arron Newton. *****Rush Limbaugh, king of the pillheads, says about the Obama Administration, “I hope he fails.” That means to hell with the country. The economy gets darker and darker every day. Each month a half-million jobs are being lost. Seventy thousand jobs on Monday alone and that idiot says he hopes Obama fails. Rush lives in a $26 million home and sells a bill of goods to people who don’t think for themselves. However, his listeners are now dropping like flies. So from this day on, he’ll run against the good of the country and some idiots will buy into it. Rush’s gang left the mess.***** Andy Pettitte returns to the Yankees with a one-year, $5.5 million contract.. *****Belated happy birthday to a couple of our favorite ladies, Judge Janice Menard and lovely Nancy Vincent. Both celebrated in the last few days. *****The West Orange-Cove school district board needs to quit playing games on the reinstatement of a student transportation program. They have even gotten to playing hide-and-seek. The vote that surprises me the most is how Vincent Bottley voted. You don’t think that old boy forgot where he came from do you? The board needs to do what’s right. I don’t suspect money is really the issue. *****Former Sheriff Mike White was honored with an award by the city and chief of police of West Orange Monday night. *****My cousin Sostan says, “What the Houston Texans and possums have in common is that they play dead at home and get killed on the road.”*****The Bridge City Chamber banquet will be Feb. 6 at The Palms on I-10 in Orange. New officers will be installed and Mayor Kirk Roccaforte will be honored as Citizen of the Year and Lee Angelle, Hopper Lumber Co., will be honored as Business of the Year.*****A sickening feeling for many citizens is looking at a $175,000 home worth only $40,000 now but is taxed based on the higher number. Rebuilding has to be done and taxes are due Jan.. 31 with two days grace to Feb. 2 this year. I understand however, that the tax office has worked out a pay plan if you were clobbered by Ike. *****We understand that David Cupp has signed on with Granger Chevrolet to sell new and pre-owned cars. Being the new kid on the block, his bosses are allowing him to give an extra discount for the next few days. Go by and ask for him. Tell him the Creaux sent you and you want your discount. While you’re at it, find Al or Dean and tell them they should be advertising their good cars and truck deals in this paper because we’re the ones who reach 45,000 consumers every week who don’t know about the deals so they shop out of town. *****Reach more people with one ad than all the other media combined. Everybody reads the record. Get the highest reach, lowest price. *****Cherry will be retiring from Brown Hearing Aid Center at the end of this month. We wish her the best and it’s been a pleasure having our weekly visit.

Lucas Adams, Mason Adams, Chase Rendall, Colin Briggs, Jim Snider, Mary Ann Scofield, Rosalie Clark, Sheryl Richard Sterling Werkheiser, Virginia Robinson, Kerstin Jewel, Paula Perkins, Rachel Beaulieu, Ricky Miller, Traci Anderson, Amy Campbell, Brenda Dubose, Jason Myers, Jeanie Kreger, Shirley Jordan. Amy Campbell, Ted Blanchard, Chuck Rowley, Eric Mangham, Regina Gaspard, Ron Mason, Scott Free, Steven Kimbell, Telisha Kuykendall, Wayne Sullivan, Garrett Kerger, Jake Williams, Lisa Monceaux, Bobby Anderson, Daric Rogers, Fred Dohmann, Vance Thomas, Don Kachtik, Michael Hilliard, Rosalie Jones, Stephanie Carpenter and Alssa Allensworth.

Preston T. Meaux him, was traveling down the interstate, on his way to Kountze, wen he stopped at da rest area just out of Orange, Texas. In da men’s bashroom he encountered an accountant and a lawyer who were standing side by side using da urinal.
Da accountant him, finished, zipped up and started washing and scrubbing his hands clean up to his elbow.. He den used 20 paper towels before he finished. He turned to Meaux and da other guy and said, “I graduated from the University of Texas and they taught us to be clean.
Da lawyer him, finished, zipped up and quickly wet the tips of his fingers, grabbed one paper towel and commented, “I graduated from Texas Tech and they taught us to be environmentally conscious.”
Preston T. Meaux him, zipped up and as he was walking out of da door said, “Me, I graduated from McNeese and dey teach us not to pee on our hands.

I went by to visit Ray Cotton at the Longhorn complex last Thursday, but he had already headed to the ranch. Tina was missing in action also so I made a dry run. I enjoy visiting with Cotton. I always learn something. The guy should get someone to write his life’s story. It’s interesting and intriguing. There is only one Ray Cotton. They must have thrown away the mold. *****Karen Dunn Gros was in Mississippi for the arrival of her first grandchild by way of son Garrett Clay. The youngster will be known as Leland Clay Gros. I’ll just call him L.C. but he’s the fourth generation with the handle of Clay that started with Roy’s dad. The little guy weighed in at seven pounds, eight ounces and was 21 inches long. He is Phyl and Roy’s third great-grandchild, two in Boston and one in Mississippi. *****Well, I’m headed out to get those long handles. Thanks for your time. Please shop the good folks who furnish you this newspaper free each week. Take care and God bless.