Weeks are just flying by. I don’t seem to have time between columns like I used to. I finish one and it’s time to start on another. Maybe it has to do with moving our printing day. Some weeks it’s more like a job, other times Creaux and I have fun doing it. We get a kick out of upsetting Heimbach, Pruter, Wolf and other good neighbors. Guys, you’re taking life way too serious. From time to time, I do get some great stuff from Pruter. *****I always enjoy hearing from our pal Pattie, who often sends words of wisdom from Vegas. We knew her way back when she didn’t use much wisdom but she had a lot of pleasure out of it.*****I enjoy all the mail, intelligent mail that is. I’m constantly amazed at the great response we get from our readers. I guess that’s what keeps us keeping on and we thank you.*****I haven’t heard from Neighbor Cox about how things are going in our old neighborhood. We will be a little longer getting back than we had thought.*****Well, I’d best get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Even before President Obama was sworn in Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama failed. Obama responded, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done, there are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats. We shouldn’t let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to be done.” Rush has emerged as the chief voice of the GOP, Even as Sarah Palin tries to position herself as the voice of the Republican Party. The group America United for Change said Friday it was using Limbaugh’s words on radio ads against three Republican senators. Arlen Spector, George Voinovich and John Ensign. Conservative talk show host William Bennett said on CNN that Limbaugh’s statement wasn’t a good idea. Rush however, is taking credit on the Republicans in Congress voting unanimously against the Obama’s economic stimulus plan. MSNBC, on Thursday, asked, “Is Limbaugh running the GOP?” Rush, 20 years in syndication, signed a contract paying him $38 million a year through 2016. Talk magazine says, “Rush only exists to gather large audiences, 13 million down from a high of 21 million, to raise more advertising revenue.” With Rush it’s all about the money, to hell with the country. On Friday, Obama announced a new White House task force on the problems of middle-class Americans to be chaired by vice president Joe Biden. Meanwhile, 100,000 jobs were lost last week, and Caterpillar announced 2110 new job cuts Friday on top of 20,000 job cuts earlier in the week. If Obama is not allowed to succeed, the country faces a deep depression. The middle-class would suffer the most. Rush would still get his $38 million a year.

35 Years Ago-1974
Jim Weaver is coaching the West Orange Chiefs boy’s basketball team. Some of the stars are; senior post, Kenneth Richard; junior post, Bill McNamara; junior guard, John James; junior guard, Randy Trahan; junior forward, Mike Geter; sophomore post, Donald Sargent; sophomore forwards, Bohn Dorman and Andre Robertson. *****Hank Aaron has penned a $1 million, five-year deal with Magnavox that will give them the right to display the ball and bat in Cooperstown, and also gives rights to uniforms and Hank Aaron historic items when he breaks Babe Ruth’s record this spring. (Editor’s note: Magnavox put out 500 signed Hank Aaron bats with a brass plate that states the 715 homers, date etc. Roy happens to own one of these rare bats.)*****Bondsman Cecil Scales says the only thing lit up in this town after 10 p.m. is Ken Rainwater. Meanwhile Jerry Dearmond has quit drinking and Cecil says, “Alcohol consumption in Orange County is down 18.2 percent.” Cecil added insurance rates should also go down. *****Joe Grossman made a statement at Orange Bank, “I sent my cake to the ‘Office Hound’ now where’s the gal?” Miss Wilma will get him; she’ll float him down the Sabine River. (Editor’s note: The ‘Office Hound,’ in the days of the Opportunity Valley News, would request a cake from folks caught “she’n and he’n.”)*****Orange County incumbent Democratic chairman J.L. “Pete” Runnels, is being challenged by Louis Dugas. (Editor’s note: Louis lost and became a Republican.)*****The post for constable of Pct. 2 race draws a big crowd. Bill Dickerson, James “J.R.” Aaron, Leon L. Frederick, H.D. Tucker, R.J. “Ronnie” Burns, Robert E. Smith, Donald Gunn, Joe Don Hubbard and R.L. “Bob” Frederick. ***** Running for J.P. Pct. 1 are Viola Shirley, Claude Wimberly, S.E. Bellfield, C. Arnold Buxton and Allen D. Cady Sr. (Editor note: Claude won that race.)*****Thomas W. Porter runs against state Rep. Wayne Peveto. (Editor’s note: Wayne had the same results as Wimberly. He field-dressed him.)*****Tom Cockrell and Joe Blanda, both barbers, were walking a picket line together in Orangefield last week. One was seen carrying a Bible and the other a deck of cards. Can you guess which did what? *****Andy Griffin, 37, head coach at White Oak, will assume the athletic director and head football duties at Bridge City on March 1. Griffin replaces H.W. “Chief” Wilson, head coach for the past 12 years who resigned to become vocational adjustment coordinator at Bridge City Supt. Glen Pearson recommended Griffin, the board voted unanimously.

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce’s 50th annual installation of officers is Thursday at The Palms in Orange. Those to be installed to lead the chamber in 2009 are, board of directors, Eric Andrus, Jerry McInnis, Christie Hare, Claudine Hogan, Donna Scales, Robert Sullivan, Ricky Land and Bette South. Alternates are Becky Andrews and Christie Teague. Executive board members are Mark Dunn, president, Robert Simonton; president-elect, Misty Fountain, vice president; Debbie Britnell, treasurer, Anneita Piediscalzi, immediate past president; and Jannelle Sehon, executive vice president. The chamber will also honor Mayor Kirk Roccaforte as Citizen of the Year. Congrats to these dedicated civic servant and good luck.*****Well, Super Bowl is behind us for one more year.. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 27-23. I had predicted an Arizona Cardinal win of 23-17. For a while it looked like I might hit it then it went to 20-23 and the Cards let it slip away. A great Steeler catch, with 35 seconds left, gave Pittsburgh its sixth Super Bowl win. I lost but it was a good game. I have nightmares about that Harris 100-yard interception for seven points to end the first half. *****President Barack Obama is expected to lift federal restrictions on human embryonic stem cells in a few days. Medical centers have expressed their delight and predicted a long awaited scientific renovation will follow. A team from Baylor will study Parkinson’s disease, UT at Houston is working on lungs, pulmonary disease and sonic genetic disease, Rice University has already developed a technique for growing cartilage to be used as treatment for surgical repair of joints. Professors predict opening the research will have an enormous benefit. *****Soon, “No habla Englais” will be a thing of the past. Mexico has launched an ambitious plan to teach English to every schoolchild, even those in kindergarten.*****Don’t forget the big Orange Trashoff Saturday. Gather at Lions City Park at 10 a.m. A free lunch, a fun four hours and a clean city. You’ll come. *****Someone will have to organize the same for Bridge City sometime before spring. Shangri La might sponsor that one also. Someone ask them. *****Special thanks to our singing Cajun buddy Jessie Domingue, who dropped us a loaf of hard-crust, open-fire baked LeJune French bread from Jeanerette, La. They also make special dough fried pies. Don Harmon says he will be headed that way soon. Maybe he’ll bring back a load. Jessie, you really know how to get to a south Louisiana Cajun and make a friend for life. *****Our buddy, county clerk Karen Jo Vance, tells us former employee, Ruth “Bear” Corder, visited the clerk’s office last week. Karen Jo says she looks great and Richard is doing all right. Election administrators said, while Ruth was visiting, that elections are just not the same without Richard “B.B.R.C.” I first knew Corder when he was called Dick Corder. For 50 years he was on KOGT and before that he was with Gordon Baxter and Les Ledet at KOLE in Port Arthur*****One of the best deals I’ve seen in our paper this week is from our friend Clint Landry, financial service executive with MetLife. See their ad and give Clint a call. He’s really a good guy and helpful. Come to think of it, there are two Clint Landrys, no kin, and both are great guys. *****Celebrity birthdays this week: On Monday, Feb. 2, Farrah Fawcett turned 61 and Christie Brinkley reached the age of 55. Boxer Oscar De Le Hoya is 36 on Feb. 4. Tom Brokaw will be 69 on Feb. 6, Chris Rock, 44 and Garth Brooks, 47, on the same day, Feb. 7. *****The 51st Grammy Awards will be held Sunday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. on CBS. *****Jivin Gene, a boy we have known since he was 12 years old, whose first big hit was “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” has a new CD coming out in February called “It’s Never Too Late.” Watch for it. *****Domestic autos, back in 1949, that have said goodbye, Nash-Hudson, Studebaker, Packard, Crosley, Kaiser-Frazer, Oldsmobile, Edsel, (the horse-collar), came in 1957 and was gone by 1959. Only two brands have joined the domestic chase in the last 59 years, Saturn and Hummer. ***** Our friend Cal Broussard continues at St. Luke’s in Houston. He still can’t swallow but as soon as he can, will be transferred to St. E’s for rehab. Monday, they drained fluid from his stomach and he wasn’t feeling great. Our prayers are with him.*****Happy 50th anniversary to one of our favorite couples, Charles and Edee Pratt on Feb. 7. Like so many young couples of that era they were married in Kountz. No waiting period in those days. We congratulate them and wish them a good, healthy, long life.*****Meanwhile, in Bridge City a big divorce is in the making of a long-wedded couple.*****Congrats to coach Randy Couch who has been hired by Little Cypress-Mauriceville as athletic director and head football coach. The coach has had quite a run as offensive co-ordinator at West Orange-Stark under coach Hooks. We wish him the best in Bear Country. The program needs repairs. It will take a while but they’ve got the right coach.***** Home Surplus Outlet is running an ad with us this week. Check them out. We did and their prices on home building items beat Home Depot and Lowes.

Alssa Allensworth, Brad Freeman, Eric Eshbach, John LeBlanc, Lindsey Hollingsworth, Mary Bull, Mel Moreau, Rheese Rhodes, Syliva Holloway, Jack Jones, Madi Johansson, Madison Johansson, David Cooper, Grant Jones, Haley Arnold, Harold M. Collins, Lindsey Day, Peggy Jones, Cindy Lessard, Jamie Beaulieu, Jeanna Campbell, Luke Lyons, Jeremy Sleeman, Kaitlyn Ezell, Kezavien Roberts, Todd Landry, Barbara Fix, Doyce Sherman, Jive’n Gene, Karen Fusiler, Leonard Bock, Sandy Sanford, Cynthia Fisher, Shane Brister, Trevor Gunn, Tyler Gunn and Bobby Arnold.

Dear Cuzz,
Jus a few lines to let you no wat is going on wit our folks.
Our cuzzin Clovis, him, called da police da otter day. “911, what’s da nature of you emergency,” da police axe? Clovis say, “Me, I’m trying to reach 9-11 but my phone don’t got an eleven. Da police say, “dis is 9-11.” “I tought you jus say it was 9-1-1 hanh?” answer Clovis. Da dispatch say, “Yes sir, 9-1-1 and 9-11 is da same ting.”
Clovis say, “Sha, I may be old me but I’m not stupid no.” My brother-in-law, Alfred, called 9-11 him and tole them he tink he’s having a heart attack. He say, “I ‘m having trouble breeding, I’m out of breath me.” Da dispatch ake, “Wat were you doing before you started having trouble breathing?” Alfred answer, “Running from da police.”
My brother Earl got him a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart. About two hour after starting his job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman, wit two kids came in da store. Da woman was yelling obscenities at dem chilluns all da way t’rough da entrance. Brother Earl, like he was instructed said, “Good morning, welcome to Wal-Mart, nice chilluns you have, are dey twins?” “Hell no dey not twins,” da ugly woman answer, “Da oldest is 9 and da otta is 7.” “Why da hell would you tink dey twins?” “Are you blind or just stupid.” Brother Earl him, answer, “I’m neit’er blind or stupid me, ma’am, I jus couldn’t believe me dat you got laid twice.. Have a good day and tank you for shopping Wal-Mart.” His supervisor said that he probably wasn’t cut out for dat line of work.
Well Cuzz, dat’s it from here. Tell da boys hi and come see me, you.

Life is too dull when I don’t find time to visit or run with my buds. Lately, I don’t even get around to seeing my favorite girlfriends. If I don’t slow down one day I’ll wake up old, and time would have gotten away. I’ve just got to take time to play. Anyway, I’m going to go scouting for someone who wants to play. It’s such a nice sunny day and we haven’t had many of them lately that are not windy. You folks try to enjoy yourself also. Take a little time to do just what you want to do.*****Thanks for taking time to be with us this week. Until next time, take care and God bless.