Tim Sharp
Bridge City High School

College costs are steadily on the rise; fortunately though, the number of scholarships available is on the rise as well. There are a myriad of scholarships to choose from in the counselors office right now. “Most colleges don’t award the scholarships until late spring, because they have to see how much money they have, but the time to apply is now,” says Mrs. Teresa Blanchard. Students don’t have to be an outstanding athlete or exhibit special needs to receive a scholarship, but students must have a real drive to learn in the classroom. According to Mrs. Blanchard about half of scholarships given by any college are based entirely on academic performance, and she also commented that only about half the scholarships require an essay.

Many organizations are also giving out scholarships. Burger King is giving a $1,000 dollar scholarship at www.bk.com and Flying J is also giving away a $2,000 dollar scholarship and the application is available in the counselor’s office. Deadline for these are Feb. 2 and March 1. Al’s Formal Wear is awarding two $2,500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The Texas Elks State Association is awarding six $5,000 scholarships to three male and three female high school graduates. Unfortunately, students in the top 5% of their graduating class are not eligible. Applicants will be judged on financial need, leadership, strength of character, and extra curricular activities.  Applications are available in the counselor’s office.

To students looking to stay close to home, Lamar Beaumont is offering the Mirabeau Scholarship to any students in the area. Last year four students from BCHS received this $60,000 dollar scholarship awarded based on academic achievement. For more information on Lamar Boeaumont, Lamar State College-Orange, or any other scholarships, see the counselor’s office