Sydney Hale

Bridge City High School

Business professionals of America otherwise know as BPA is a program designed to help prepare students for the business workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. In BPA, they prepare for a business career, compete using your business skills, travel, have fun, and build pride in them. So, you want to know who joins. Any student who is interested in business or office careers, “you don’t have to be enrolled in a business course to join” said Mrs. Garrison, “however, BCIS 1 does help.”

As I interviewed Mrs. Garrison, she gave me the inside scoop on what happens in BPA. Did you know on average fifty students sign up? Look out America we have Business professionals coming our way! If you’re wondering if you have to try out for this program the answer is no, but you do have to compete in the category of your choice. Those categories include:
• Financial services
• Administrative support
• Information Technology
• Marketing, Management & Human Resources

A student can also compete in one of the following combinations:
• 1 individual event
• 1 group event
• 1 individual and 1 group event
All open events

The students prepared for Competion, and then Jan. 24, in Dayton  the Regional meet was held where the students competed to make it to State.

When the students make it to State, which is held on March 4, in Austin, they compete again, but this time to see who makes it to Nationals.

Nationals are held in Dallas this year on May 6th. Mrs. Garrison informed me that every year Nationals is moved to a new place and this year it happened to be in Texas.

Though BCHS students have not made it to nationals yet, this year is a new year and BCHS students are back and better than ever. Our students at BCHS have been successful in winning many awards and these awards will continue to grow. Not only is this program fun for the students it also looks good on your résumé and looks great for college. Keep in mind BCHS students if you want to be in the business field, Business Professionals of America is the place to be.