Marriage Licenses Issued By
The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For the Week of Feb. 2, 2009 thru Feb. 6, 2009

Karl S. McBride and Ashley L. Thrasher
Joe K. Burton and Mary M. Hampshire
Aaron P. Bouget and Jannice M. Urban
Juan F. Nieto and Connie E. Richardson
Larry D. Johnson and Anna M. Bertrand
John J. Ceasar and Janice R. Bottley
Eleuterio R. Hernandez and Bridgette A. Mickle
Jonathan P. Butler and Dee Anna R. McLemore
William E. Tinsley Jr. and Marie A. Covington
Melvin D. Cade and Linda S. Raley
George M. Turpen and Mary D. Marroquin
Kenneth A. Dixon and Tina R. Statum
William J. Weston and Karen A. Trove
Rayford E. Ackley Jr. and Sheila R. Howard
Robert G. Clark and Jana A. LeBlanc
Michael O. Turley and Amy A. Polley
Bervick Fontenot Jr. and Ruby L. Valere
Johnny P. White and Krystal L. Wahlberg