Sixty-four Anderson Elementary and Oates Elementary students in grades kindergarten through sixth participated in the West Orange – Stark High School Cheerleading Clinic held in January.

The three hour camp taught basic cheer techniques, jumps, and a cheer. Participants also received a t-shirt and lunch.

WO-S Cheer Clinic students who participated have since been able to perform a cheer, as guests of the WO-S High School Cheerleaders, at two West Orange – Stark varsity basketball games.

“This is a fundraiser for the cheerleaders. It helps to fund scholarships which are presented to our graduating seniors in May.

We really want to the thank the community for their support of this program,” Willie Ann Taylor, cheerleader sponsor said.

 “We also hope to see all of these fantastic future cheerleaders at next year’s camp,” she said.

The WO-S Cheer Clinic is an annual event that is typically held during football season. However, this year, it was delayed because of Hurricane Ike.

Willie Ann Taylor is the cheerleader sponsor. Gwen Kelly-Hall is the assistant.