The latest bull riding series at the Texas Longhorn Entertainment Complex began with bad bulls and lots of action.
Friday night the new series started with another pen of hot bulls. Shane Young has dug into his herd and put together some of the hardest-to-ride bulls to date. These bulls came ready to show that they were the bosses and one even showed that he was not going to leave the arena without a lot of trouble.
 Johnny Minix came back to the Longhorn after a long layoff with a back injury. His draw on his return was one of the meanest bulls that Young has brought to the shows. Minix hung on for a good eight second ride that scored him 74 points and would earn him third place for the night. It was good to see Minix back and in good form.
The trouble started when efforts were being made to get the bad-tempered bull out of the arena. The bull was stocky and strong, probably weighing in around 1,600 pounds. He is a lot of bull in anybody’s book. The bullfighters were put on the fence several times in their efforts trying to lure the bull close enough to the exit gate to trap him. He was too smart for their efforts and when Chipper Nance rode in on his strong horse Boar Hog, the bull turned and charged horse and rider. Boar Hog was hit in the side so hard that it moved him into the fence. The collision with the fence was so violent that Nance was unseated and momentarily looked like he might go to the ground. The bull backed away giving Nance and Boar Hog a chance to recover. The bull fighters moved in and distracted the bull. After a few more exciting moments, Nance got a rope on the bull and Boar Hog pulled him into the exit pen.
All of the arena personnel were glad to see that bull out of the show.
Newcomer to the Longhorn, Hunter McKiney came out after the riding resumed. McKiney looked alright at the start of his ride, but fell apart like a wet paper sack and came up short of the needed eight seconds. He got a “no score and a no dough” for the night.
Timothy Faul came ready to ride Friday night and showed it. Faul scored 75 points on his bull and would go home with second place. Faul is a consistent rider and will be one to watch, this series.
Dawson McKee, always a good shot to make his ride drew a good bull, but his form was a little off. McKee covered but only scored 68 points. On some nights that would be a money score, but on this night it only gave him a tie for fourth place.
The other half of the fourth place tie would come two rides later when Casey Stone rode his bull. Stone’s bull cost him a few points when it got too close to the fence and slowed down, just a little, but enough for the judges to cut the score.
Jacob Stevens had been the first rider of the night. His bull fouled by going down to a sitting position and staying there for a few seconds. Stevens was awarded a reride for the fiasco. On his reride in the fifteenth slot of the night this bull gave a good performance that Stevens was able to match. The score was 76 points, the high ride of the night.
Chris Coody had also been awarded a reride due to his first bull “hipping hisself.” Coody came close to making the buzzer the second ride, but fell about two seconds short and “no scored.”
The last rider of the night was Daniel Jetton, who showed up wearing a neck brace, but determined to ride. He came out and went down quick. Evidently the injury and the brace were a little much to overcome. Jetton is a good rider. He has been riding most of his young life and had a decent career with the Texas High School Rodeo Association, Region 5. He has nothing to prove in the courage department. If he gives himself time to recover from his injury he will be a rider to reckon with in the future.
The first night of the Longhorn Bull Bash was a good one with 15 riders and 17 rides. SYJ Productions is keeping hot bulls in the pen. The bullfighters are still on top of the action providing cowboy protection. Nance and Boar Hog are always ready to ride in and rid the arena of the baddest of the bad bulls with a rope and a pull. The series continues on the first and third Fridays of the month through April. Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto is designing a new one of a kind buckle for the series in conjunction with Broken Arrow Buckles. Tina and Ray Cotton will be adding money to the pot for the series finals.

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