The Bridge City boys powerlifting team competed in the Lumberton meet on Saturday Feb. 7. They came home with the first place trophy with 46 points total. Port Neches-Grove was close behind with 42 points. 

Individual finishes were: The 123 pound class, Devin Oceguera- First place; Robert McDonald -Second place. The 132 pound class, Trent Myers- First place; Jerry Nguyen- Third place. The 148 pound class, Tim Sharp- First place; Micha Ellender- Fourth place; Randyn Myrick- Seventh place. The 165 pound class, Zach Heinze- Fifth place. The 198 pound class, Adam Prosperie- Fourth place. The 220 pound class, Shane Stankus- First place. The 275 pound class, Thomas Luce- Second place. 

Tim Sharp was once again named “Outstanding Lifter” for the meet with a squat of 515 pounds, 295 pound bench press, and 480 pound dead lift. For a three lift total of 1290 pounds.