I’m sorry to hear that Tony Dal Sasso, age 86, passed away Sunday, Feb. 8. Tony was a giant in the development of Orange County. A doer who made things happen, one of the nicest guys we have ever known, always a gentleman. He has left his mark in every direction you look. He will long be remembered. Please see obit and Down Life’s Highway. *****Politics will soon be on the go again. Filing for the May elections started Monday and ends March 9. One thing you can bet on is to see some school board challengers. *****Finally the East Roundbunch bridge at Cow Bayou is back in operation. I like coming into Orange the back way but mostly it will relieve some of the traffic that had to detour on Texas Avenue.*****It’s certain that President Obama’s stimulus package will pass. It’s a massive economic recovery bill and with the nation falling deeper into a painful recession it’s almost a crime to vote against it. Some changes will be made but something must be done. I look for the Obama plan to become law over the weekend. I’m so far behind that I best get going. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.

35 Years Ago-1974

The spotlight is on the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bearetts, zone champions. Coaches are Paul Baker and Linda Warner. Basketball players are Tanyia, Strickland, forward; DeDe Crawford, guard; Linda Bean, guard; Becky Dunn, forward; Karen Kachtik, guard; Dawana Wiggins, guard; Brenda Burch, forward and Donna Peveto, forward. Others on the team are Angela Kanoy, Thresa Duncan, Debbie McClelland, Debbie Martinez, Molly Malone, Doris Flanagan, Sherry Miller and Julie Knight. *****The West End Optimist Club is charted. *****Gene Rutledge, formerly of Bridge City, is the new postmaster at Corrigan. *****Runnels Tire Co. holds open house. Joe Burke attended the opening and ate all of the icing off the top of the cake, nothing else. *****Sue Collins is wearing a new blond hair do. She heard blonds have more fun. *****Clint Britt will be 12-years-old on Feb. 16. *****Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beauchamp, formerly of Orange, now living in St. Charles, Ill., subscribe to the Opportunity Valley News. Frank recently bought a subscription for his grandfather, Mr. C.N. Phillips of Beaumont. (Editor’s Note: The Beauchamps are back in Orange and Theresa is on Orange City Council. *****Last Friday at a Bar Association meeting, a memo written by Bearden and addressed to “members of the county attorney’s staff and secretaries,” was made public by a fellow lawyer. Bearden was set up by a bad apple that went to the trouble of inviting a newspaper reporter in an attempt to harm him. (Editor’s note: $5 will get you $10 that Sharon remembers that scoundrel.)

50 YEARS AGO-1959

Boxers win titles in Beaumont Golden Gloves: Orange boxers Marvin Potter won the welterweight title by decision over John Talbert of Bridge City. Billy Barrett won the heavy weight title over Elliot Romero of Port Neches. Bridge City’s Dow Gene Anderson won his 12th straight fight by knockout. He stopped Tias Ismorino, of Beaumont, in the second round. Two knockouts Friday gave him the Golden Gloves championship. Other local winners were Lannie Talbert, Pat Ahiman and Pete McRae, voted outstanding boxer of the tournament. Eight boxers will compete in regionals in Galveston. *****Plans are in the works to obtain a bank in Bridge City. Appointed to the temporary committee are John Saint, Bess Cox, Kelly Littlepage Jay Eshbach, J.B. Scales and C.O. Lawson. *****Orange streets flooded after cold wave and heavy rains.

Saturday is Valentine’s Day. All the women we love are favorite Valentines however; this year we feature two very special Valentines. Mary Guillot is a beautiful lady with a kind heart. I’m sure this fine lady is special to her family every day of the year. For many years she has been married to Elton, a Firestone retiree and local investor. Together this couple has helped our community be the great place it is. Happy Valentine’s Day Ms. Mary. *****Melissa Fisher is special in many ways. Anyone would be proud to have her as a special Valentine. We certainly are. For many years Melissa has been at OCARC. She loves ghost stories and has read and owns hundreds of ghost books. To know this young lady is to love her. She is the daughter of Howard and Cynthia Fisher and has two brothers. Take a bow Melissa; you’re a 2009 special Valentine. If you see or talk to these ladies, let them know how special we all think they are.

Heavy on my mind is our friend of over 50 years Ann Segura, who fell and injured herself. She is in St. Mary’s Hospital and hasn’t been doing so well. Ann and her late husband, Jimmy, started Bridge City Cleaners over 55 years ago. Our prayers are with this fine lady. *****We also learned that longtime friend Rusty Nick is a resident of the Meadows on Farm Road 105. She suffers from congestive heart failure but is doing well and still ornery. Rusty built the building, as a real estate office, that has been our Creaux’s Nest for over 27 years. *****Condolences to the family of Catherine Allen, 74, who died Feb. 3. She and Cecil had been married 54 years. Also our deepest sympathies to the family of Bud Stern, 72, who died Feb. 5. Condolences to his mom Lessie, daughter Chrystal and sisters Jo, Billie, Jan, Judy and the rest of the family. *****Our buddy Capt. David Peck, after 16 years with the Sheriff’s Department, has landed a great corporate job with Olmsted Industries, located in Texas, Louisiana and California. Besides carrying a Blackberry, David is now driving a new, four-door Silverado pickup. He’s the company D.O.T. Regulation Manager. He will oversee company vehicles and make sure they are in compliance. David has his own big office at headquarters and I hear that company officials are extremely proud to have him on board at the corporate office. Having said all that, I knew Peck was talented and highly qualified, but what me and my bird Creaux was wondering is will he remember us. We don’t even have a cell phone, drive a ragged vehicle and don’t get to fly to L.A. and we’re on the low rung in this company. He swears from time to time he will still visit with the Lunch Bunch. *****We are extremely proud of our Bridge City native son, NFL star, Matt Bryant, who will be inducted into the Gulf Coast Hall of Fame Feb. 21. Matt will receive many honors before his football playing days are over. I know mom, Mary and dad, Casey, and his family is extremely proud of Matt’s accomplishments. *****Orange will celebrate Mardi Gras on Feb. 13-14. Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras is celebrated in all French influenced parts of the southern United States. The first of the great Krewes, the Mistick Krewe of Comus (a secret carnival organization) made its debut in 1857. Mardi Gras remains the climactic day of the year in Creole America. Fat Tuesday precedes the solemn 40 days of penitence that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Mardi Gras is the most celebrated day of the year in Cajun country. Come out to the Orange festival and enjoy a great two-day party with plenty of food and great Cajun gumbo. *****Feb. 12 marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. In life and death, honest Abe symbolized to many generations the embodiment of our nation’s ideals of vigor, virtue and human compassion. Born in 1809, our 16th president pulled himself up from poverty and ignorance to become a bold chief of our country, which was torn by civil strife. He took office in March, 1861. A few days later, on April 12, the Civil War started. Just a week after the war ended Abe was assassinated in 1865. He lived and died for equal opportunity for all Americans. Point of interest: Lincoln’s most famous speech at Gettysburg (Nov. 19, 1863) was only 272 words long, 10 sentences and took three minutes. The speech started “Four score and seven years ago.” A score is 20 years. So he was referring to the Declaration of Independence signed 1776, 87 years earlier. Four-score and seven years. Now you know.*****Here’s a prediction in the not too distant future. You will be reading your newspaper on plastic instead of paper newsprint. *****Quote of the week came from James Carville, “The Ragin’ Cajun.” “Rush Limbaugh is the daddy of the Republican congress. Like good children they obey daddy.”*****Last week Sarah Palin came to Texas and urged Texans to support Rick Perry and vote against Kay Bailey Hutchison for governor. What in the world does a resident of frozen Alaska know about Texas and what our citizens need? *****The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce’s golden anniversary meeting and banquet was Feb. 5. Motiva Enterprises sponsored the affair. The company has done much to help the citizens of Bridge City rebound from the devastation of Hurricane Ike. Hopper Lumber owned by a great couple, Lee and Connie Angelle, was named Business of the Year. They will go the extra step to help Bridge City citizens rebound. Any citizen who needs rebuilding material should check with Lee first. If he doesn’t have it at the best price, he will advise you on how to best fill your needs. Mayor Kirk Roccaforte was named Citizen of the Year. He gave credit to employees, volunteers and the citizens for his honor. Mark Dunn was installed as president. A native of Bridge City he is honored to serve the chamber in its 50th year. Rebuilding the city and it’s business community is a challenge he is dedicated to. A full house attended at Marci Messer’s “Palms.” Kirk Ellender served as master of ceremonies. Pretty Cil Dixon was named Ambassador of the Year for 2008.*****Happy birthday Feb.10 to twins Trevor and Tyler Gunn. Those youngsters are fierce competitors. Great kids for 14-year-old teenagers. *****Also happy birthday to longtime teacher, racehorse owner and former newspaper editor Betty Jo Spence, who celebrates Feb. 15. *****Belated birthday wishes to Karen Fusilier, Tony’s better half, and to our longtime buddy Jivin’ Gene who celebrated Feb. 9. *****Celebrity birthdays: Burt Reynolds, 73, Feb. 11, Jerry Springer, 65, Feb. 13, Hugh Downs, 88, Feb. 14. *****Family Pharmacy, formerly Harrington’s, is rebuilding and remodeling and should be ready next month. Meanwhile, your only Bridge City independent drugstore is there to serve you every day in their portable building. Fast dependable service. *****If you are getting rebuilding bids don’t fail to call Donal Hill with Hillco. Donal has been at it a longtime. He belongs to the chamber and will give you good advice and treat you right. See his ad for contact and also to receive an extra $50.


Deric Prevost, Eric Prevost, Jody Connor, Stephen Allen, Tom Stephenson, Brittany Carpenter, Christy Reves, Delondra Cooper, Dola Rucker, Jordan Guererro, Marjorie Gandy, Michele Moore, Sara Childs, John Hall, Judy Ford, Lee Ann Jaarah, Liz Fontenot, Jeremy Delano, Judy Harrison, Dan Batchelor, Drew Domas, Betty Jo Spence, Inez Jones, Judy Brownlie, Mandy LeBauve, Patricia Davis, Vicky Stanley, Ann McDuff, Helen Vincent, John Chauvin, Kim Harmon, Mellisa Tuttle, Rolf Schulz, Alayna Walles, Tom Edwards and Ashley Floyd.


Last July on a hot summer day, Sadia Mae bought herself to town wit her dog, Jolie. She tied her under da shade of a tree and headed into Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill for something cold to drink. Soon officer Hadley Boudreaux entered da grill and axe, “Who owns dat dog tied under dat tree out dire?”
Sadie Mae said, “Dat’s my dog, Jolie.”
“Lady, you dog seems to be in heat her,” officer Boudreaux said.
“No way,” said the blond Sadia Mae, “She’s cool cause she’s tied up under dat dire shade tree.”
Boudreaux said, “Mais, sha, you don’t understand, you dog needs to be bred her.”
“No way,” said da blond, “My dog, her doesn’t need bread, she’s not hungry, I fed her dis morning and she don’t eat bread any how.”
Officer Boudreaux him, a little exasperated, said, “Look babe, you don’t understand, you dog her wants to be loved.”
Da blond Sadie Mae look at officer Boudreaux rat in his eyes and said, “Well officer, you go ahead, I always wanted a police dog me.”


Just about the time I was winding this column down we had a pleasant surprise. Neighbor Cox was given the OK to drive into Orange by Ms. Virginia. We enjoyed the visit. Their daughter Karen and husband Keith have settled down in Oklahoma and the Coxes are just a little while away from moving out of the FEMA hut and into their home. Cox lost both tillers so a garden is doubtful at this time. If you have a tiller that you would like to donate we welcome it. Even though the neighborhood has changed it would be nice to have another neighborhood garden with tomatoes and stuff. That would be a bright spot. God knows we haven’t had many of those in Bridge City lately.*****Work continues on the Creaux’s Nest and someday we will be back over there. It sure has been nice here however, never a dull moment. If it gets quiet, “Cornbread” turns up the volume. There’s some great stuff throughout these pages. Read us cover to cover. Also, please shop our advertisers. Take care and God bless.