Cassie McClelland and her family received a surprise gift beyond their wildest imagination. Everything their new daughter, Paislee Noelle, could possibly need. To Net Graham, she is just passing blessings on.

Like most Bridge City residents, McClelland’s home sustained heavy damage in Hurricane Ike. They had no flood insurance because they do not live in a flood zone.

She was seven months pregnant at the time; she and her husband, Ricky, also have a 3-year-old, Cayli. Besides the damage to the house, they lost everything they had accumulated for the new baby.
“My sister put an ad on the internet, without me knowing and was accumulating things for this baby that was going to born Christmas week,” she said.

McClelland’s sister, Macey Jackson, said, “It bothered me that [my sister] lost everything she had.” That is what prompted her to place the ad Jackson had received about five replies from people offering mostly clothes and a used baby bed that would need some screws; someone also offered bottles, before hearing from Graham.

“Net Graham, owner of Traditions Childcare Enrichment Center on Highway 62 contacted my sister,” said McClelland. “She told my sister that she was going to purchase everything that I needed for this baby; and she did. She bought all the furniture, bedding, clothes, stroller, pack play care seat right down to laundry detergent – everything that I needed; and then some, to take care of my baby girl,” she said.

“I will provide you with a bed, mattress, bouncy seat, car seats and whatever else I can get my hands on,” stated part of Graham’s e-mail.

“I have to say when I first read this e-mail I was completely over taken with emotion,” said Jackson.

When she contacted Graham, the daycare owner was very excited about helping out.

“I will take care of this baby girl. It will be a privilege to do so. You just leave it to me,” said Graham.

“This lady bought all of these things for my daughter and she didn’t even know me.” The young mother said. Without Graham’s kind offerings, she would not have been able to have those things for her new daughter, Paislee Noelle; who made her debut on Dec. 22.
“I asked her why she would do such a thing and she said that she has been blessed and she wanted to pass her blessings on. She told me this baby girl was going to be taken care of and for me not worry about a thing,” said McClelland.

Graham had family members that lost everything in the storm as well, including her niece who had a baby boy due. She bought everything for them as well.

With her sister’s baby needs taken care of, Jackson turned her attention from planning a baby shower, to arranging a housewarming.

McClelland was determined to be back in her house before the baby was born, and she was. “I was seven months pregnant and busting up tile with a sledgehammer. You should have seen me,” she said. They were in their home by Thanksgiving.

Family members bought McClelland a new bedroom suite.

Luckily, they had just purchased a new bedroom set for Cayli just before the storm, but had not picked it up yet.

It has amazed McClelland how everything fell in place.

“It just goes to show when you work hard, have faith and believe, God will take care of the rest,” said Jackson.

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