OC Grand Jury hands down 33 indictments.

Jacob Cody Dodge, 19, was indicted for intoxication manslaughter for the Sept. 30, 2007 death of 21-year old Dustin Ousley of Orange by the Orange County Grand Jury. Dodge was also indicted for aggravated assault for stabbing a man in the face earlier this month.

Ousley was a passenger in the car Dodge was driving and wrecked. Currently awaiting trial for manslaughter and criminal negligent homicide, Dodge was indicted in 2007 for the shooting death of Brandon Scott Covington. No trial dates have been set.

Several indictments handed down included felony thefts and driving while intoxicated with a child passenger charges.

Individuals are from Orange unless otherwise listed according to District Attorney John Kimbrough’s office.

Other charges include:
Felony theft: Daniel Gene Kibodeaux, 28; Michael Peeples, 45; Balim Mitchell Jr., 72, of Newton.

Felony Burglary of Vehicle: Jason Lloyd Shaunesey, 23, four cases.

DWI with a child passenger: Christopher Lynn Scott, 34,of Vidor; Jennifer Jean Hickey, 28; Aleshia Gale Primm, 32; Sunshine Long Dean, 29.

Felony DWI: Nathan Kirby Hawkins, 45, of Houston; Michael Leon Runnels, 46’ Myra Terese LaVergne, 35, Beaumont; William Douglas Lakey, 23, of Bridge City; Leslie Allen Ridgaway, 32.

Securing execution of a document by deception: Terry Vilo, 42, Vidor; Vanessa Machel Telford, 38; Mary Elizabeth Monson, 33, of Vidor and Tracy P. Monson, 35, of Vidor.

Debit card abuse: Christina St. Julien, 23.

Felony evading arrest or detention: Codey Dewayne Janice, 18, Vinton, La.

Tampering with governmental records: Courtney T. Zetar, 26.

Endangering a child: Amber Hodge, 20, of Vidor.

Aggravated assault: Juan Javier Horsey, 39, of Vidor; Darren Foster, 25, of Vidor.

Acquiring a controlled substance by fraud: Beverly Ann Matthews, 49, of Vidor.

Burglary of a building: Tony Lee Dailey, 18 and Robert Brian Paul, 19, both of Vidor.

Credit card abuse: Katherine Bernice Clark, 22, of Vidor.

Felony possession of marijuana: Leon Jamaine Clark, 28, of Houston; Cynthia Kay Pipps, 42, of Vidor.

Felony possession of a controlled substance: Michael Neal Adams, 45 and Stephanie Jo Harmon, 46; Junies Nathaniel Tims, 21.

Injury to a child: Harley Tidwell, 29.

Robbery: Moriah Ladora Wallace, 19.