It was cold and wet with drizzling rain around 4:30 p.m., Saturday as people started gathering to watch the Mardi Gras on the Sabine 2009 Parade.

A little water didn’t dampen their spirits as they donned ponchos and raincoats, while getting out the umbrellas.

The closer it got to parade time, the thicker the crowd got.

Across the street a five-year-old was hip-hop dancing while he waited.

A three-year-old was practicing his “throw me somethin’ mister” wave.

Miraculously, the rain stopped just before the parade started. The umbrellas were still in use, but upside down to help catch beads.

Music blared from the floats as people danced while throwing beads, and others danced in the streets.

You didn’t even have to really try catching beads and could still accumulate a couple dozen strands of the colorful necklaces. There were also frisbees, coozies, rubber chickens and candy thrown to bystanders.

People were dripping in beads as they left the parade route; some to continue the party and others to go home.

Then the sky re-opened and the rain fell again.

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