President Obama yesterday in Denver signed the $787 billion stimulus recovery bill. States are moving quickly to develop ways for identifying projects. States will divide $27 billion to build and repair roads and bridges. President Obama is ready to whip the economy into shape. The bill passed without the good will of Republicans on the Hill. Obama is trying to stem the recession from cutting any deeper into its free fall. Obama inherited a country that has lost three million jobs in just the past year. The country was left in the worse shape since the Great Depression. A lot of people are homeless and hurting. Here’s hoping he doesn’t fail.*****Meanwhile here at home nature is acting strange. I’ve seen azaleas, wild roses and other plants starting to put on flowers. The poor plants don’t know what to do. They think spring has arrived and then here comes another cold front like what’s coming tomorrow.*****The Cove, Orange and especially Bridge City needs almost everything from diapers to wheelchairs. Residents will need to buy everything to rebuild their homes and furnish them. Inside our pages you can find many of the products needed, at good prices from dependable merchants. Also, you can find contractors for everything from mobile home skirts to total repairs. In most cases we have checked these people out. Look their ads over in this week’s paper, get a bid and ask them for references. Bridge City alone lost 3,000 cars and trucks; more than 1,200 still need to be replaced. We recommend the auto dealers inside this paper.*****I’ve cut out early so I best get started. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Chester Ray “Buddy” Moore, 80, a longtime friend of this publication, died Feb. 13. Buddy spent a lifetime in the newspaper business, working for and owning several publications. He made himself and his Kountze News famous. He didn’t pull any punches, even though he was on the receiving end of several. Locally, his brother Jack and wife Peggy live in Orange. Read “Down Life’s Highway” where Roy recalls and relates the life of his friend and one time partner. Moore had little money in his pockets but he had influential friends in high places. He is remembered by many for the times when West Orange was home. His print shop made political placards and cards when he and Roy first met. Buddy never let being legally blind from birth stop him from pursuing his passion, the printed word. Condolences to all his family.

Sen. Jidd Gregg bailing out of commerce has more to do with heat coming from the GOP than anything else. The two most treasured prizes to any administration’s power are first, appointments to the Supreme Court, next is redistricting. Obama was going to spread the redistricting responsibility. Had it stayed like it was, Sen. Gregg would have called all the shots on redistricting. When that was taken away Republicans put pressure on him to not give Obama credibility, to get out. Redistricting is also the most important issue facing Texas next year. State offices and federal offices are bing controlled by Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas. Country folks throughout the state were screwed by Tom Delay and Rick Perry’s redistricting in 2000. We don’t even have a chance to elect our own people until redistricting is done fairly.

Scientist have mapped the genetic code for all 99 known strains of virus. A major step in finally developing a cure for the common cold and perhaps even a vaccine. Many man hours of work are lost daily, millions each year and it sends thousands of children with asthma to the hospital. The good news is that they can start looking at specific groups of viruses, figure out which are the really bad one and target those. It will still take years to develop a vaccine. They will first target those that cause the most illness. Researchers however, for the first time, have broke down the genetic code of DNA of each organism from virus to people. The cure for the common cold is on the way. How great that will be because a cold at one time or other strikes everyone.

35 Years Ago-1974
Members of the Lutcher Stark Tigerettes girls’ volleyball team are: Janie David, Sherry Anderson, Mary Lou Ewing, Joanie David, Nina Mumbach. The coach is Hattie Mae Wood. Other team members are Marty Price, Sherry Anderson, Hildy Bulovas, Anderson and Becky Hare.*****Attorney Joe Alford went to work this week for district attorney Sharon Bearden as his assistant. *****Sheriff Buck Patillo and pond man Hubert Marshall were spotted washing a horse in the wash rack at Ford’s Mobile Service Center in Bridge City.*****Attorney Murray Harris, a longtime associate in Hustmyre, Harris, Dorman and Dunaway law firm has moved his office to 74 Division. Rusty Nicks, longtime legal secretary, will help him hold the fort down.*****Meanwhile, Malcolm Dorman and Jim Dunaway have formed a partnership and will stay in the same building on Front Street. Judge Frank Hustmyre has gone into semi-retirement but still is with the firm.*****Patsy Fisette, a very nice lady, has returned from Houston where she had surgery again.*****Raymond Selzer has sold his Western Auto store. He now joins his friend Bill Stringer in retirement.*****Don Harmon started building a new home in the country and before he could complete it he was taken into the city of Orange.*****Cynthia Hooks, who recently had a baby, compliments of Dan Ray, is due back to work at the court house next week.*****Russell January has been dry. He hasn’t had a drink since last Easter.*****Six candidates are running for commissioner Gordon Dunn’s job.****Joe Hester is building a new trailer park.*****The City of Orange and the county jointly purchased a bus for the transportation of senior citizens.*****Crip Trahan, who was appointed Constable Pct. 2 last week, asked for a raise this week. He says you have to start asking early and often.*****Sgt. Milton Wayne Cormier Jr. was awarded a metal by the United States Marine Corps.*****Attorney Ronny Baxter, Orange County’s only female attorney, turns 40 on Washington’s birthday.

Commissioners authorized the employment of Maxine “Max” Boatman as deputy sheriff, succeeding officer Tom Eddleman. Sheriff Chester Holts made the announcement..*****Orange City Attorney Robert Huey will attend a conference on traffic courts in Austin.*****Mrs. Joe “Inez” Runnels is teaching people to drive. She is the co-owner of the local Texas Drivers License School along with her husband, county clerk Joe Runnels.*****Linda Stanton and new husband Neal Campbell, from Illinois, and a Dupont employee, will make their home in Orange.*****Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.

Journalist Bob Schieffer, a Texas native, will speak at Lamar-Port Arthur March 3 as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. Schieffer has spent 52 years as a reporter and the last 40 years with CBS News.*****Nehemiah’s Vision, a faith-based, nonprofit organization will assist folks repair their homes after the Ike disaster. They will be in Bridge City Feb. 18 at First Baptist Church; Feb. 19 at Second Baptist and Feb. 20 at Liberty Baptist. Residents must have been homeowners at the time of Ike. Read the advertisement in this paper for instructions on how they will help with materials and repairs.*****The citizens of Bridge City have been blessed to have help from all the faith-based groups. God bless them all.*****Congrats to David Montagne, a new member of the Texas State Board of Regents. He was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry. Even though David lives in Beaumont now, we’re proud of getting an Orange native on a board.*****Our former editor Pattie Hanks, who celebrates her birthday on the 19th, made a quick trip from Las Vegas to attend the funeral of a friend. She stopped to see us with her was sister Taryn Peck, who has shaped up and looks great. Taryn will soon be David’s ex-sister-in-law. She and Doug are splitting the blanket after 27 years. Also with them was Chole, Pattie’s granddaughter and Jamie’s little cutie*****I don’t know about you, but I thought the Beaumont Enterprise headline about Bridge City being the “mold capital” was a bum rap. Many people have worked really hard to prevent mold in their homes and working hard also to repair them. Bridge City is getting an undeserved black eye as it is. Those kinds of headlines are negative and don’t help the recovery. The story didn’t hurt, the headline was a killer..*****Congrats to Mark Dunn, appointed to the Orange County Historical Commission by Judge Carl Thibodeaux and the court. He was nominated by Commissioner John Dubose. Mark is a good appointment who loves Orange County and preserving its history and landmarks.*****Last week, we choose Melissa Fisher as one of our “Special Valentines.” On Friday she was named “Queen at OCARC” and was presented with a big trophy. Congratulations girl, you sure had a big week..*****Rev. Leo went to visit Ann Segura at the hospital last week. He reports Ms. Ann is on the rebound and that’s good news. We’ve always known that she’s a tough gal.*****I’m sure he has an explanation but I wondered why Kevin Brady was just one of only 25 representatives who voted against the “Abuse of the Elderly Bill.” No one spoke against the bill. The vote was 397 for and 25 against. Brady and his Washington staff are visiting here Wednesday. This is the staffs first visit with meetings at Bridge City City Hall and the Brown Center. I understand that a delegation of 30 will dine at Robert’s Restaurant for lunch.*****President Obama will present Stevie Wonder the Library of Congress Award Feb. 25. It will be seen the next day on PBS.*****Quote of the week is by columnist Froma Harrop, “Social Security, along with Medicare have made America’s elderly the most economically protected age group in America.” So true, both are safe through 2049, yet you still hear some Republicans wanting to privatize it.*****Special thanks to Jessie for again stopping by LeJeune’s Bakery and dropping us a loaf of their famous, hardcrust French bread. Domingue must be working offshore, out of the Morgan City area, to come across this bread.*****Celebrity birthdays: John Travolta, 55, Yoko Ono, 76, both Feb. 18; Smokey Robinson, 69, Feb. 19; Sidney Poitier, 82 Feb. 20.*****When track season starts my thoughts turn to Joe Burke, who loved high school track. Don Harmon attends state meets annually and had Joe hooked on doing the same. We miss him.*****Oil prices are coming down while gas prices are going up at the pump. You go figure. Well, what’s happening is that the refineries are cutting down on production, causing a short fall. When the supply is low, prices go up.*****Figure this one. PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, have taken after McDonald’s again, calling off the truce. The new PETA offense is over the most humane way to kill a chicken. Should chickens be knocked unconscious with a jolt of electricity and then have their throats cut or should they be gassed. PETA claims the latter induces less suffering. Those PETA folks just don’t have much to do. Grandma would have really created a ruckus with them. She would grab a chicken in each hand and wring both of their necks at the same time, throw them on the ground where they flopped around for a few minutes kicking up dust in the chicken yard. I never could tell the difference in the taste of her gumbo if she used a hatchet or had wrung their necks.*****Happy birthday this week to Harry Risher. Harry says it will be a happy day when the IRS is done away with. Anyway, Harry, try to have a nice day, the IRS ain’t going away.****A government study shows that Texas population will reach 44 million in the next 30 years. Many people are migrating to Texas. It’s a very fast growing state. By 2040, 23 million citizens will be Hispanic. Santa Anna may just win yet.

Inez Jones, Judy Brownlie, Mandy LeBauve, Patricia Davis, Vicky Stanley, Ann McDuff, John Chauvin, Kim Harmon, Mellisa Tuttle, Rolf Schulz, Alayna Walles, Tom Edwards, Ashley Floyd, Bernice Say, Betty Drachenberg, Betty Smith, Leah Gunstream, Charlotte North, Christy Faulk, Darrin Havens, Jason Clark, Martha Pittman, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff, Sydney Peet, Allison Floyd, Erin Boren, Jim Izer, Amanda Newman, George W. Stevens, Harry Risher, Jasmine Lindner, John Curphy, Leslie Braus, B.E. Hankins, Wesley Arnold and Brint Carlton.

Cajun Story of the Week
A long time ago during Worl’ War Twice — I never will forget dat, me — I was in Kaplan, Looziana, about 10 or nine mile from a li’l town wat dey call Abbeville.
A whole bunch of us mens and boys, too, were in LeBlanc’s bar and saloon havin’ a meeting, us, drinking buttermilk, when Clovis Abshire, him, came running in an’ he say, “Hurry, hurry! We got to leave here rat now, us. Me, I just hear on de raydio dat dem German was all over Abbeville, dem. Come on, let’s get ourselfs outta here.”
“Wait jus’ a minute, Clovis. Slow down, you. Dat’s not Abbeville, Looziana, no; dat’s Abbeville, France, wat Abbeville in Loozianan was name after.” Alcid Thibodeaux say.
Boy, everybody say poo-yai wit’ relief, dem and sat demself back down to start de meeting over again.
“I feel so sorry fo dem Franchman, me. I don’t know what to did,” Harry LeBoeuf say.
“Not me, no,” Otis Mouton piped up. “I ain’t got no sympathize for dem, no. Dem crazy fool never should have left Looziana and gone over dere in de first place, dem.”

We are glad to report that our friend Cal Broussard, after six months in the hospital and 10 surgeries is now in a rehab clinic in Houston. He still can’t swallow and is being fed through his nose but as soon as the muscles in his throat are strong enough, he will be released to go home. Let’s hope therapy works. This is the darndest test of endurance I’ve ever heard about. He still says the day will come when he will get with the gang at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. For now, the Bunch is still eating at Robert’s each Wednesday. Everybody is welcome.*****I get to wondering about some of my other friends like Mary Alice, Mary Stanton and all the other folks with saint names. I get to feeling guilty that I haven’t checked them out lately but my boat has been full. Soon we’ll have a big reunion.*****Read us cover to cover and shop our advertisers. However, if you shop with someone who doesn’t put their message in this newspaper suggest that they should because we reach the consumers who most needs their goods. Remember, everybody reads the Record and they will get good results. Gotta go. Take care and God bless.